14 August 2007


This post is probably going to be pretty useless. I've receieved some bad news today morning which got me kinda depressed at first. A few hours later the depression has gone, and now i'm plain angry, so instead of breaking something here in the office and getting the replacement cost deducted from my salary at month end, i'm going to vent, rant, scream and shout about everything (not necessarily the thing i'm angry about, but just whatever comes to mind). Some of it might not make sense, i'm just screaming here. I'll try not to be vulgar.

So we started this Smart Card concept and we're full blast trying to get everyone to carry one. FOR WHAT?! No one has a reader yet, and the card is useless to anyone NOT carrying one; there's no address or anything on the front, and even the driving license part of it is not acknowledged by the traffic police. WTF?! Second of all, the process to actually get it is SO GODDAMN ANNOYING, AND the people working there are total IDIOTS! No, i'm not exaggerating; TOTAL FRICKIN' IDIOTS! And finally, can we really trust THESE PEOPLE with our data?! Keeping it private and safe? We are seriously screwed guys. And shouldn't we be thinking of fixing the other parts of the country still left in the dark ages before trying to advance? Go into the Ministry of Health and you'll see people still writing things down on pieces of paper. WHERE IS THE BLOODY TECHNOLOGY?! I wouldn't mind a 1985 IBM system at least, but NO! They don't even have that! WORK ON FIXING YOUR BLOODY PROBLEMS BEFORE TRYING TO ADVANCE; you can't run before you crawl, and shit, we're still on the verge of crawling. This is going to end up as such a HUGE disaster, I can feel it!

What's with this stupid country anyway? I mean, i'm trying to love it, i'm trying to be the kind of person who wants to help this country out, but what's the point? I'm pretty damn clever (not showing off here, but I am a damn genius, deal with it), why the hell can't I find a job working in some sort of entity that can actually benefit the big picture in Bahrain (ie, Economic Development Board, etc)? Why do lazy useless people get the job? I really want to make a difference but the stupid concept of wasta states that you don't have to be good to actually get a job, you only have to know someone. I AM NOT SUBMITTING TO THIS STUPID CONCEPT. This whole system is the reason we will never advance; you keep putting the idiots in the wrong places just because they have a friend or a cousin or whatever. HOW THE HELL IS THE COUNTRY EVER GOING TO ADVANCE if you don't take people based on how well they can perform a job? We have hundereds if not thousands of people stuck doing jobs where they're not being put to best use, and i'm not talking just about specific companies, i'm talking about almost everywhere, even the big guns like Batelco, NBB, the CIO, and so on. This country is going to the shits.

And the ROADS?! DAAMIIIITTT DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED! For a country of our size you would expect it not to be so difficult for one directorate to organize things, but again, this is BAHRAIN, EVERYTHING GETS F#$%ED UP! Does anyone notice the roads where the huge trailers/lorries drive on? Do you notice how unsmooth they are? They feel like they've got bumps in the actual roads; that's because the SHEER WEIGHT of HUGE trucks, mixed in with this UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUS WEATHER equals one thing; the trucks drive over them like they were butter. I almost had a bloody accident two days ago driving on a lane that's gotten totally screwed up; the steering wheel seemed like it had a mind of its own. And this is just on the cheap materials used, don't even get me started on organizing the traffic flow.

I read a line today on someone else's blog; about how Bahraini's have GREAT OPPORTUNITIES, but only OUTSIDE Bahrain. Yes, true. WHY THE HELL ARE WE SCREWED IN OUR OWN COUNTRY? Is it this shitty-ass political system that doesn't know how to represent its own people and the problems they have? SCREW TURNING INTO AN ISLAMIC STATE before you fix our problems! We need housing, we need money to cope with inflation and rising prices, we need transparancy to see where the funds we are supposed to have are going, we need corruption to be killed off. BUT THEY FOCUS ON SPRING OF SEX AND MANNEQUINS?! KISS MY ASS! We need to wipe out the entire slate of MP's bar one or two, and bring in REAL POLITICIANS, DOCTORS, ENGINEERS, ECONOMISTS, PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND the different sectors of our country and will KNOW how to contribute. DONT VOTE SOMEONE IN BECAUSE THEY PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY! You ask them how to improve our economy and they'll tell you to pray to God and INshalla it will happen. Yeah, that's exactly what we need.

That's it. I don't even wanna talk anymore. I need to leave this crappy country.


SILVER said...

Take me with you!

Tito said...

No man! Don't call this useless, coz it's certainly not!

This is the core truth. I totally agree with what you said there.

Keep it up man. Cool blog, and very interesting posts you got here.

I'll soon have a post in accordance with what you said about Wasta law (Vitamin WoW)!

MSB said...

i lived in the US for 9 years and saw how easy it was for people with potential to get a job and move up the ladder... in Bahrain, i was in a position where i got to interview people.. and i saw how the system unjustly discriminated towards them..

like u said, it wasn't always the 'best option' who got the job..

we've been running around in circles for years.. i hope that one day, we'll eventually actually move forward!

Sunshine said...

"DONT VOTE SOMEONE IN BECAUSE THEY PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY! You ask them how to improve our economy and they'll tell you to pray to God and INshalla it will happen. Yeah, that's exactly what we need"

im with ya on that one.. no one is killing bahrain more than politicians that know nothing about politics..

teamster said...

Thanks...didn't think, in my state of mind these days, I could laugh at someone else's expressed anger and disappointments. Thanks, I feel better...sorry if at your expense. I ditto most everything you feel but I'm not leaving this country to those freaks. I'm fighting all the way to the top.

ammoontie said...

Hope you feel much better now after your rave and rant. I totally agree with your opinions but the worst part for us is to watch and suffer in silence, since we could not do anything about it. "Our" voices are not heard here.

Sharm said...

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Merlin said...

Things will change in Bahrain, but it will probably take a generation or two.

It will take a number of unfortunate mistakes and more suffering before things get on the right track.

But we are so far away from that happening. Thats why I strongly encourage this generation and anyone that claims to be "smart" or a "genius" to capitalize on those talents and get out of that place.

There are those who have done it before you and they have done well. The top notch Bahrainis are leaders in what they do internationally and it is a shame their own country cannot accommodate them.

Consider this:

1) The Chief Economist of a major global bank based in London is a Bahraini, he has not set foot in Bahrain for 22 years until he did last year and then decided never to return again

2) The Head of Investment for a major American private equity firm is a Bahraini, he has not set foot in the country for the last 9 years

3) The Chief Master Surgeon for the one of the US states is a Bahraini

4) The Chief Executive Officer of a major regional airline is a Bahraini

5) The economic and financial advisor to Sheikh Mohd of Dubai is a Bahraini

This does not include the hundreds of others that have excelled in their own way in other countries.

Well done, sons and daughters of Bahrain, be free, be independent without the need or reliance on a system that has failed us. We are the Middle East's newest diaspora.

LiB Team said...

I feel you brother. Let it out, at least letting it all out helps you get better, it won't, unfortunately, let the other idiots feel the magnitude of the shitty life we live here.

And when the young think of migrating abroad, they call them disloyal or shit like that.

When a certain someone comes and spews shit and promises EVERY Bahraini a piece of land and house, then his court tell you to go fuck yourself, this is when it hits you like an 18-wheeler at 150 Km/h on its way to hell.

The system is screwed, the people themselves are screwed, everyone is fucked in the head. I mean just today on my way to work, I saw a serious car crash on a two way road, the fucker tried to overtake someone on a "NO OVERTAKING" stretch of the road and the result? His car totaled from the front completely, another car was stuck to a wall and a third car also wrecked and in the dirt. I mean what part of NO OVERTAKING don't you understand? Do you motherbitch think you are the SOLE user of the road? Damn I need to go to my blog and rant about it now, thanks for pumping some blood thru my veins!

Ammar456 said...

Silver; i'll take anyone who wants to join with me. We'll start a new country somewhere else!

tito; vitamin wow, hahaha, thats good, cant wait to read it

msb; yep, thats how it is here. we are in a totally screwed system and though giving a job to your friend or buddy or whatever doesn't seem such a big deal, its really does screw up things for everyone in the big picture

sunshine; hell yeah! what the hell... the problem is the beoble who actually vote them in...

Ammar456 said...

teamster; nah, dont worry about it, laugh all you want. at least some use comes out of this post!

Amoontie; hehe, yeah a little better actually. i still wouldnt mind breaking something though

Sharm; yeah sure, whatever, its all good

Merlin; yup, ive seen it myself when I worked in Dubai for a while, Bahrainis in all the top positions. Dont even know why I decided to move back here. what an idiot I was..

LIB; Total freaks. Well, their stupidity killed them, which is good because I really hope all stupid ignorant wreckless drivers die. Problem is theyre taking out a few innocent people while they go...

Anonymous said...

Like reading my mind... This place is fscked man... I'm saying my bye byes to this hole coming winter.

Anonymous said...

Too much rage man... if you dont like it, leave la?

Capt. Arab said...

you sound upset Bro.. Chill back and remember it takes two hands to clap.