14 March 2011

'Bahrain Unite' Video

Bahrain's been going through a long struggle since the 14th of February 2011; the biggest casualty is the division of the people. As part of the #UniteBH movement, some local Bahraini artists got together to produce a unity track for Bahrain, and we put a short video for it bringing people from all over the island. Doesn't matter if you're Sunni, Shiaa, Christian, Indian, Arab, English, man, woman, boy or girl, whoever you are or wherever you are from, we all make up one Bahrain. Hope this video inspires and helps ease some of the troubles we're all going through:

(Click here for full video link & to view in 720)

A big thank you goes out to all those who helped make this video a reality, and helped us to show the various faces of Bahrain. A great big thank you to all those who supported the cause. Let's not forget why we're doing this, let's all get together and unite Bahrain!

Bahrain Unite
Vocals by: Flipp, May AlQasim, Mohammed Janahi, Rashid Hanthal, Hamad AlFardan
Oud by: Ahmed AlHermi
Bass by: Yasser AlBanna
Track Arranged & Produced by: DJ Outlaw
Mastered by: Adrian Augustin at 2 Seas Studio.
Video Filmed & Directed by: Ammaro Productions
Additional Footage by: Fardan Raffii
Video Editing by: Elements Productions

MP3 Download Link for "Bahrain Unite"

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Lyrics الكلمات:

Flipp: This song goes out to every person that truly loves Bahrain, Cause see no matter where you at, This Kingdom needs all of us right now
Let me talk to you..

Bahrain let’s stop this fight and lets unite
Let’s put our hands together let’s make things right
Towards a better future let’s start tonight
No Sini no Shii lets hold tight like red n white
Red like our blood white like our hearts
Let’s have a conversation where we share our thoughts
Let’s begin fixing instead of sitting in our place
Let’s remove that big frown off of our face
See Bahrain the kingdom of pearls and palm trees
Its kind people will carry it with arms and knees
I want to see this place in love and harmony
Let’s begin curing ourselves from this hate disease
Cause I love it and I bet you love it too
Want to make a change and I bet you want it too
Men aldawar lay alFateh lets spread the love
Putting Bahrain on the top and no one above
Listen, This is the time we need to sit together
This Kingdom needs u people more than ever
Let’s put our hands together and start a change
Never never say never for a better Bahrain

Chorus: At the end of the day one fact remains
We need each other to lean on
And after the rain one thing don’t change
Yeah we’re all the same cause
Brothers sisters waving this flag
Its one love, One Nation we stand
We moving on and growing stronger for a better day
Bahrain Unite

Mohd Janahi: كبيره ياالبحرين
مكانها بالعين
كبيره ياالبحرين
مكانها بالعين

Rashid Hanthal:لاشيعيه لا سنيه
وحده وحده بحرينيه
ندعي الله مايفرقنا
مانابيها الطائفيه

Hamad Alfardan: في بدايه الكلام ابي اقول اني بحريني
لاشيعي ولا سني بس مسلم مثبت بديني
يلا اليوم كلنا انحط يدنه بيد بعض وانقول
كلنه اخوان كلنه اهل خلنه اندور حلول
بحرين, عراقه وتاريخ ووفه وامل
كلمه رجال ابكل المعاني بالمجد انلم الشمل
واليوم اشوف الدنيا احسن مافي مثلها اثنين
يعني كلنا نتحد ونحط هاالديره في العين
والي فكر انه يفرق بين اهل البحرين
انقوله مالك امل بحرين ماتحتار بين امرين
شفيد العتاب اللوم والعذاب
كلنه شعب واحد والبركه في هاذي الشباب
راح نفدي هاذي الديره ابروحنه ولا يوم انقصر فيها
ادافع عنها اكل مافيني واكيد ابروحي افديها
هاالديره مااتفرق بين سنه وشيعه ولا طائفيه
كلمن بره يسمعني لازم يسمع هالاغنيه

Chorus x 1

Flipp: Bahrain, All my People
Lets put our hands together
Cause we gon move on together
I wanna know, now if you really love Bahrain
Then clap to this, come on let me hear you clap to this
Now clap to this, Bahrain, lets unite starting tonight


rosh said...

Beautiful. Love it. Cross posting to my blog.

To a united Bahrain.

Mr. Q said...

mashallah. Wallah so proud of this video clip.

Shared it on twitter, fb, iloveqatar.net my blog, everywhere

Fatma M. said...

Hey, this is an amazing video. I LOVE BAHRAIN! It's got a special place in my heart although I'm from Oman - I hope your message gets heard. I need some chai 7aleeb now!!

Zainab Mansoori said...

Well done guys, i luv it so much and proud of you, iam Bahraini,& i will always be proud that I belong to this beautiful country.
keep it up :)
no sunni no shi3i just Bahrain

d said...
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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, makes me really believe we as Bahrainis will make it through this time and come out stronger, thank you for the video, amazing

samboosa.net said...

Excellent video! Bravo.

Baraa said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice song and video. But I have a question...
Was the video produced in support of of the protesters in Bahrain and to unite to achieve freedom?

Or asking protesters to be okay with their government and stop protesting, because only then can they unite?

Ammaro said...

To Anon with a question about what this video is about: this is not a political message, the video is all about the people uniting and not fighting each other or discriminating against each other for any reason, sect, age, race, and so on. It's a very clear message, Bahrain Unite. That's it.

Unknown said...

so beautiful ^^ will be in bahrain nearly

kisses from paris (france)

wish meet ppl of bahrain

Unknown said...

nice song ... i will come in bahrain nearly (february 2013)

hope meet ppl of bahrain :)

if u re open :samir93sd(at)gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Bahraini IS an attitude not a nationality, people from all over the world hold dear the island of Bahrain.
The supreme being that we all bow to and pray is the same whatever name he is known to you by, therefore we are all HIS children. In His name use your ears and listen, use your tongue to talk to ONE AND OTHER.. Wahid Bahrain Inshallah!