24 August 2007

Sign @ Salmaniya Hospital

Had to visit someone at Salmaniya Hospital today and managed to spot this:

Or as the Salmaniya staff might say, make sure NO SHARBS in bag!


Navy Girl said...

hehehe :D salmaniya is more like salmyia :P maybe they are sisters :P

Anonymous said...

hehehe.. funny..
but isn't it ironic that these r our hosBitals?!
we're supoused 2 heal there, aren't we?!

Missy said...

Salmaniya freaks me out! I hate going there. a7ess it's full of germs! :S

Capt. Arab said...

Salmaniya has been the Media "superstar" for a good while.. It could be worse in comparison to other countries, but no excuse for slackness..

Ammar456 said...

Navy Girl; Umm.. Ok..

Al Rooh; Like you said, "supposed" to heal there, lol

Missy; That is a bit obvious, considering its full of sick people, right?

Capt; We really need to shake things up at Salmaniya, its starting to slack off a LOT

Missy said...

yeah.. LOL ok that was stupid. sorry haha but I meant like other germs ;\

hmm I don't know to explain it to u.. like I feel so disgusted in Salmaniya! Do I feel the same in ibn el nafees? hmm no! :O

both are hospitals after all. :P

3rft? lol

Ammar456 said...

yaaay, great, ibn al nafees is our hospital :D well, partly my dads anyway :D

Um Naief said...

that's funny and a bit sad! ;)