14 December 2010

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2 December 2010

Qatar 2022

Yes, it's official and was announced just minutes ago by Fifa! After stressful days and weeks of pushing together to make this happen, the five contenders left to bid on the 2022 World Cup were the USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Qatar.

A country that wasn't independent 40 years ago, and hardly anyone had heard of until a few years back was now a contender to some of the World's most powerful/biggest nations? What is this Qatar they speak of? No one knew Qatar. In fact, Qatar was portrayed in the major Hollywood blockbuster, Transformers, as a desert where Bedouins live in tiny broken houses, and store their phones in locked boxes. What is Qatar, really?

A small country with big aspirations. With a vision. With a dream. And with enough cash surplus to take over the World; within the past few years it's gone from a little known nation in the Middle East, to having the highest income per capita, to building universities and schools, to being a mediator of peace in the Middle East, and much more. And the legacy grows.

And then the bid presentation came in, and Qatar displayed with elegance, with class, with vision, and blew everyone's minds away. Was that the really the Qatar we would know 12 years from now?

Dubai was a little known town back in the 1990's. It now sits in as one of the most well known spots in the World, and it did that in just over a decade. Qatar has a plan, and is chasing it, and will probably do what Dubai did in less time, if the work of the past 3 years is anything to judge by.

And then the day of the 2022 decision came, and people were on their toes. Millions around the World gathered to watch the announcement; this wasn't just for Qatar. This was for the GCC. This was for the Middle East. This was for all the Arabs. And as the envelope with the decision was slowly opened, you could feel the tension rip through everyone.. Until it was announced.. The 2022 World Cup will be held in...

Tension. So sharp you could cut someone's throat with it...

...QATAR! And millions rejoiced, some shouted, some cried, some laughed.. And for the first time, the World Cup was brought to the Middle East...

And the rest, is to be for the history books...

HH Shk Moza Speech:

Qatar 2022 World Cup Video:

Link to the full Bid Presentation (35 minutes long, but worth watching)