19 August 2007

Last Week

Random thought;

Last week was composed of 7 days (as all weeks are).

Sunday through Thursday (ie, the working days) passed by REALLY SLOWLY. Just half-way through the week I was complaining about how the week was taking SO BLOODY LONG to pass.

Anyhow, the weekend came, and all was good. However, it passed by unbelievably quickly, and now i'm back in the office contemplating killing myself.

Why does that happen? Why do the really strenuous or boring parts of the week (or life in general) pass by slowly while the relaxing and enjoyable ones are over in the blink of an eye? Can't we somehow make them the other way around? Your thoughts appreciated.


Moon-light7 said...

By not thinking about that particular thought I guess!
We should just live life minute by minute or day by day. work when we have to and enjoy our time when we can...

One in a Million said...

working two days a week might help reverse this situation.. :P
by doing so, your weekends will be sooo long and your weekdays will pass by much quicker..

Too bad you won't be enjoying your weekends though.. lol

Ammar456 said...

sure. you find me a job where i work 2 days a week and get 5 days off.