3 August 2007

Building; what a headache

A friend once told me "If you ever want to curse someone, don't tell them to go to hell, or hope God curses them for all eternity or whatever. Just wish that one day they're going to build something (ie. ان شاء الله تبني)".

I figured a bit of a headache always comes along with construction and trying to build a house, villa etc, but now I know the true meaning of what my friend said. The past 10 days or so, i've actually being doing a little renovation. I previously lived in a rented apartment, which is fine until you realize you're paying your landlord more than a generous amount to get accomodation on the dark side of 100 meters sq.

So anyway, at my family's villa they hardly use the bottom floor, which comes full with two living rooms, a big hall and two more rooms, as well as the kitchen and bathrooms. Aside from the kitchen, most of these rooms are hardly ever used, so I decided to go ahead and turn part of it into an apartment. It isn't supposed to be a lot of work; a bit of painting, moving furniture around, setting up a partition or two to divide the 'apartment' from the rest of the house, re-doing the bathroom, etc.

Well, so far it's been around 10 days and I swear I have the biggest headache; between running around following up whether the painter has managed to come in, scrape the walls and paint, and why the carpenter decided not to show up today, the electrician re-wiring some of the connections, the furniture removal people delivering my furniture and setting it up; add to that the fact that I have to go to work every day and stay till 5, so all my time after that is spent working on the renovation, and my weekend is spent entirely sitting here trying to make sure it all goes right. Well, let's just say I wish no one else has to go through with this; the thing is, this was supposed to be such a small task, so God help you if you're actually building a full house!

Anyway, a little under 2 weeks later and the place is almost done and ready; i'll post some pix when it's all finished and this nightmare is over!

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