8 August 2007

A friend who wants to be famous

I have a friend who wants me to write about him. Don't know why, but I guess he's looking for more fame. We call him Mo Black Z (because he used to drive a black Z28 camaro, oh, and he's black too). He likes to refer to himself as Phenom (as in phenomenon).

Um, what else.

Yeah, we nickname him brownie, because he looks like a fat juicy brownie. And he's married girls, so back off.

Thats all.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully i'll have a useful post here tommorow, instead.

(EDIT. I'm also adding Eddie, nicknamed Designo to this post, since he saw Phenom's brand new exposure and fame, and got jealous. So, yes, here we have a pink blonde with a Viper, Ed.)


Anonymous said...

Wtf ?

Ammar456 said...

don't ask. seriously. dont.

Moe said...

AMAAROOO I was kidding you FREAK!

But I am happy to be part of this great BLOG :D

June said...

Hmmm... Why would anyone want to be famous in Bahrain? I prefer anonymity. That way, I can get away with murder.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO @ Pink Blonde!!!!!

Anonymous said...