24 August 2007

Going to the Beach

Well, I decided I really need a bit of a break this weekend, and decided to head for the beach; so tommorow morning i'm going out to Hawar for a day of basking under the sun and doing nothing.

Which brings up a few questions; I want to go to the beach, isn't there any other alternative? I mean, we are living on an island. We have the Marina and Bander resorts, but technically, they're private areas and not accessible to your average joe, as well as a number of other beach hotels here and there. But no real public beach, unless you want to consider Bilaj Al Jazaer, or Hoth el Jaaf in Hidd, which hardly qualify as reasonable.

Why do we live on an island and find it tough to go to a beach? Why do I have to take a 2 hour boat ride to get to a reasonable one? Hummmm...


Shionge said...

Hmmm....very interesting and yes why no access to public beaches Ammar? Show us some picture when you visit one ya :D ....and oh have a good tan won't ya!

moon-light7 said...

now u're stepping on the wound as we say...no good beaches, no good picnic parks, no good theme parks...etc. ah well..

moon-light7 said...

By the way ammar, I read ur 'beautiful' trip article about Italy. first I must say, wonderful writing, I was able to imagine everything there and at times I actually felt like I was there!
The trip might've been short, but unforgetable I'm sure...enjoyed reading it very much :)
Ah Italy, I really should go there one day.

SoulSearch said...

Amazing that 90% of beaches are private. Sad but true and aunaddressed.
I usually take my kids to Marina Beach near Coral Beach Club.
But its quite small. I tried cleaning it up once with a few other bloggers! Check out my archives.

p.s. Love the 80s & 90s section. I'm linking you ;)

capt.arab said...

I have always found it difficult to accept the concept of paying to go to the beach considering the fact that we live on an island, and i remember being able to enjoy such activities (a long time ago). I'd be prepared to pay an entrance fee for Bilag Al-Jazier on condition that there is running water, bathrooms & showers, let them build proper little air conditioned rooms with basic facilities and rent it by the day.. Hell, I could think of a thousand reasons and ways it make it attractive and generate revenue for self maintenance. A private investment should lease it from whichever ministry and do everybody a good favor.

Ammar456 said...

Shionge; Sure, i'll post some photos :) We don't have access to many beaches because most water facing property is privately owned! And we live on an island. It's ridiculous.

Moonlight; Uh, unfortunately true... We have amazing banks and advanced buildings though. Why can't we have a good park or beach? About the Italy thing, thanks :) And yes, you should visit!

Soulsearch; I'll take a look, thanks :)

Capt; There are so many ways to fix this, but no one actually puts in the effort. So we end up sitting here having to expend a good amount of effort, or money, to go to the beach!