6 August 2007

Bahrains Summer of FUN!

There's some sort of event (معرض) or something going on at Bahrain Exhibition Center; I think its called Bahrains Summer of Fun, loosely translated (فعاليات صيف البحرين). It's more like a little bazzar with lots of small shops selling all sorts of stuff (clothes, foods, etc), as well as a big play area for kids, with some sort of ice-palace or whatever it is. Anyway, decided to pass by since yesterday since I was in the area and had an hour to kill..

There are a few rides placed there too; I had to take a photo of this one, I really couldn't hold myself:

If you're squinting your eyes trying to figure out what that is... Take a closer look!

Wow. I wonder how the kids can handle all that excitement.


Canc3riaN said...

hey !!! This is SOOOOO HILLARIOUS... But I have a question... Is it safe for the kids? fi 7ezam el aman 7aghom? hehe


Seroo said...

that's actually really sad

Anonymous said...

LOL, thats very sad and hillarious at the same time!!!

Missy said...

is it safe? :S

Eyad the Great said...

disneyland, eat your heart out!!!

i*maginate said...

My goodness, talk about cutting down on costs!