18 March 2009

Speed Trip 10 (Video)

Video of Speed Trip 10 (see last post)

14 March 2009

Speed Trip '09

And yes! Speed Trip is back in Bahrain this year, and wow oh wow what an event it was... Just to give you a bit of a background, Speed Trip is a private charity event where a full circuit is rented out, and invites are sent out to a few VIP's (approx 100 or so) to bring their cars and race on track. The invitees pay (quite a hefty) entry fee to race on track, and all proceeds are given to charity.

Now, some very big name sponsors (ie Lamborghini etc) come in just to display their products & services for those 100 drivers. Why? Well although a sponsor would usually only bother when a large number of people are present, these 100 drivers are the sort of people who would look at a million dollar product and say; "You know what, i'll have two of those".

So you can sort of take a guess at the type of vehicles you'll see driving around track. We're talking Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, etc etc and somehow I feel the value of the Bahrain International Circuit sort of doubled over this weekend.

Besides just a bunch of rich important folk driving around track, there were bike parades, stunt shows, and a lot more.. Anyway, entry is very exclusive and by invitation only, so just to give you a sneak peek at what Speed Trip '09 looked like, here are a few photos:

That's not even the half of it! I'm working on the compilation video for the past two days, which should be up soon. For now, enjoy some more photos here:

Album 1

Album 2

5 March 2009

Innocent Boners

Back in the day, general vocabulary was more innocent. Swearing wasn't used as frequently, and TV/Radio shows were hesitant to put any sort of cussing in them.

Not so nowadays; it seems every third word we hear is a swearword, whether we're watching a TV show, walking around in a shopping mall, strolling next to a nursery (what?).

But seriously, vocabulary has changed. Things that sounded innocent back in the day, now mean something else. A great example is the Flinstones theme song; "we'll have a gay ol' time". You can't say that out loud in a public space today without getting a few raised eyebrows, looks of hatred, and a protester or two come up to you.

Another great example is the comic industry; what seemed innocent back then is apparently not nowadays. Here's a Batman comic from back in the 60's, and the Joker is obviously not very pleased with his performance. Enjoy:

Seriously though, what's a boner?