7 August 2007

Idiots on Bahrain roads

They seem to be getting worse day by day. Just today morning, I was driving a good 100km/hr or so on an 80km road. Naturally, it seems that this speed isn't sufficient for everyone and there has to be some sort of idiot who sticks to your butt and keeps trying to get you to move out of his way. Now, there are cars on the slower lane, so I can't exactly move out of the way, so he stays stuck to my back bumper. The road was semi-busy so I decided to ignore him; I couldn't turn, and I was already driving faster than the speed limit after all.

After a minute or so, I started to approach traffic stopped at a red light. I had about 200 meters or so to stop, so I started slowing down; the guy behind me decides this is the perfect time to overtake and speed up, although the cars were very obviously stopped right in front of us...

And so he turns, speeds up and overtakes me, and drives right into one of the cars stopped at the red light :S It wasn't a very serious accident since he did slam on the brakes at the last minute, but it caused considerable damage nontheless.

I'm sorry to say, but we have a bunch of real idiots on the road. Besides delaying himself from whatever the hell he was late for (or was he just driving like an idiot for no reason?), and putting himself through the trouble of having to sort out the insurance, take the car to get it fixed, etc, he just burdened other people with the same problems through no fault of their own. Thankfully there were no serious injuries caused in this situation, but there could have been.

Can we find a solution for people who are careless and wreckless? With the increasing number of idiots on the road, any suggestions would be well appreciated.


Tito said...

Idiot drivers in Bahrain are increasing on a daily rate! Roads nowadays are simply so annoying

Yacoub said...

lol although it's not nice to say such things but seeing someone pay for their irresponsibility and idiocy is one of the best things in life!

This reminds me of what happened to me a couple of days ago, I'm the kind of person who don't care about people who 'deem', because it's stupid if you want to speed go to the BIC not where other cars and trucks are driving because you never know what will happen. So I drive a wee bit over the speed limit i.e the highway I drive 110-120 max if I'm on the fast lane.

So this guy deems so much behind and I completely ignored him than he turns right to go to Isa Town meaning he jumped two lanes to turn right, and in a dangerous manner. Like WTF you keep annoying me cuz you want to turn right??

Once upon a time, cruising in Bahrain was one of the pleasures of living here, now it's a nightmare and quite simply frightening how much driving has become worse over the years.

And what's even more frightening is that every month over 9,000 people take the driving tests! So expect or idiotic driving in the future

flymenian said...

Poor you, lots of people shouldn't drive at all.

lots of people should be banned from entry to Bahrain.

tameem said...

idiots, big idiots and even bigger idiots

Anonymous said...

this is fault of traffic directorate which is not taking a proper look up for driving instructors which is effecting this