10 August 2007

Dreams & Reality

Naturally, most of us dream (ie, while we sleep at night). Now, while we're actually dreaming, we're somehow swallowed into a different world of mixed realities, subconscious thoughts, and bits of imagination put together; it's all fake, something created within our minds. However, while we dream, everything seems so real, and our brain has a tough time comprehending that whatever is around us isn't actually in existence.

Ever had those dreams? Everything seems wierd, and some of it doesn't make sense at all (ie, a person who died 10 years ago might be right infront of you, or suddenly you live in a mansion with 100 maids and own 20 Bentleys). However, whilst in your own mental hallucination, you believe it. When you finally do wake up for a few seconds, you don't know what was reality and what was fiction, until your brain goes back to thinking right and you figure, oh damn, what a dream.

What is it about our dreams that allow them full control of the perception of reality? I guess that's too deep a question for me to venture into, so what i'll share with you is a VERY wierd incident that recently happened.

I've been dreaming a lot lately for some reason; random dreams, no real sense can be made from putting any of them together. However, even though some really wierd things do go on in them, I somehow completely percieve them to be real while I dream them. When I wake up, I kick myself; How the hell could I not have figured out it wasn't real?

So I guess with time, I started questioning their authenticity, while dreaming. I see wierd things and start asking myself, real or not? My brains calculations, however, always seem to conclude that everything around me feels so real that there is no way this could be a dream.

So I wake up, once again and kick myself. How could I NOT have known?! But yesterday it got wierd; While in the middle of a dream, I looked around, and somehow managed to figure out that, hey, everything here can't be real! This seems to not make sense, and neither does that... and... DAMMIT! IM DREAMING!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen; I finally managed to do it. I figured out I was dreaming in the middle of a dream. However, the consequences weren't the greatest:

As soon as it hit me, I got scared. Actually, slash scared; I got terrified. Not sure why exactly, but I think it might be the realisation that I don't actually exist. This was actually some sort of figment of my imagination; everything around me was a figment of my imagination. Anyhow, I was terrified, and all I knew at that moment in time was "I have to wake up". I kept trying, harder and harder, just telling my mind, wake up, wake UP! It was freaky.

I woke up.

I was covered in sweat; something about this dream made me freak out above and beyond your average nightmare. Terrifying. Needless to say, that's probably the last time I try questioning my dreams.

Anybody else want to share their dream experiences?


June said...

My dreams are just a manifestation of fears. I dream of having my credit card confiscated, I dream of failing exams, I dream of meeting people I don't want to meet, I dream of being late, I dream of disappointment.

Apparently you can control what you dream about to some extent by focusing on some thought or another before bed. You just keep repeating it to yourself and there it is.

What I find weird however is when you're about to drift off and you get this strange sense that you're about to fall and your body does this funny little jerk to prevent you from falling. I know several people who have experienced this. What is it I wonder?

Ammar456 said...

Sure, that happens sometimes (the little jerk thing), not sure why exactly. Usually happens at the worst times; when i'm overly exhausted and REALLY need to sleep. It gets annoying.

Dreams you have usually have nothing to do with what you think about before you sleep; well, in my case anyway. They're usually things that are worrying me, on my mind a lot, or some things I haven't thought about for ages.

There's this dream stuck in my head from my childhood; I was around 6 or 7, with my family in the car at night, Bahrain was in a state of war, most buildings were destroyed. Out of nowhere there was this shwarma store, so we went to get some food, and right next to it, what freaked me out was this huge slender monster, easily 40 or 50 meters tall.

Don't remember much about the dream after that though. It's pretty much the one that's managed to stick in my head for the past 20 years for some reason.

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MSB said...

1) you think too much.. you're about to ruin dreams which are the 1 thing in our lives that can take us away from it all! so stop over thinking

2) i too have a 'nightmare' that's stuck w/me since i was a kid.. it was a recurring nightmare which eventually stopped.. but i still remember every detail of it.. actually, make that TWO reccuring nightmares!

Anonymous said...

eg var ad leita ad, takk

THE b. said...

Recently I had a dream of a place I never been to, one that was all painted in my mind. I wanted to get closer to someone, and that dream made me feel better.

Fardan Raffii said...

(wow i am dreaming)

yes it happened to me once, i figured out that i was in a dream

it started with dreams that i always screw things up and ppl start looking for me

so i was thinking is this for real. why i do all this things

so after few days in one dream that i screw things up again, i was looking around and it felt like the dreams that i saw befor. so i figure it out that i was dreaming and i got happy :-)

(Falin kick)

the falin thing happens to me alot. and i jump or kick

(soul and dreams)

when you dream your soul travels as you think, just close your eyes and think your flying from a place to another, there is no time spend in the travel because your soul is not made from matter, and your soul goes to places you never go or see.

that why in the movie Inception (2010) when they are dreaming the time is much faster in the dreams becasue its the soul that are traveling.

and sometimes the dreams come true, or some dreams have real meaning behind them.