12 January 2008


Life used to be simple. Surrounded by true friends always, doing everything for fun, no real responsibility, no worries.

Life changed. Each friend headed in a different direction, no time for fun anymore, burdens everywhere, and a constant worry about the future.

I remember turning 17, and so much has changed since that time. It's a bit lonelier here. Happy 27th birthday ammaro.


GreyShorts said...

Everybody gets these dark thoughts on their birthday - hopefully tomorrow things will seem a lot more brighter.

Happy Birthday .

Re.Loaded Soul said...

Time and Tide wait for no man!!!
Enjoy every single minute and trust me, you will remember after 10 years from now these moments, when you used to have a blog where some of your silly-bored friends like me try to comment on your posts, and you in return were just glad about it :)

p.s. I thought "Why" just belongs to me?

Eyad said...

you should start drinking, 2 drinks a day keeps the shrink away.

sasinsaudi.com said...

Happy Birthday Ammaro. Don't be down. This is just life as it is..Try not to let it get to you.

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

hey you ! sana helua ya gamil . sana helua ya gamil , sana helua ya amaro !! :)

KJ said...

Don't listen to Eyad :P

Bahraini Diva said...

Happy birthday my friend :)

Shoush said...

This is a sad post Ammaro. Ur 27 not 77. True life only seems to get more complicated with age and responsibility only increases with time, but that's just life and it's something that we all go thru. But am sure if u look at the brite side of it all, u'd be able to think of all the positive stuff that has happened to u and u became older. Think of those thots.

Happy birthday oo kil 3am winta ib alf 5air oo 97a oo salama inshala oo 3o2baal il 100 sina inshala! :)

i*maginate said...

Halllooooooo....! Happy B'day to you ammaro! Keep ya spirits high!

Have a lovely celebration :)

msb73 said...

in 10 years you'll be reminiscing about when you were 27.. so enjoy 27.. i'm older and i'm loving my age.. biologically, no clue what's happening to my body :) but mentally, emotionally and psychologically, i'm loving it!

Capt. Arab said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Ammarooooooo !!!!

Happy Birthday to you...

SoulSearch said...

Happy Birthday, today and everyday. I am 29 going on 30 in April and I absolutely love it!
Remember, you only get wiser with time. I'm enjoying getting older!
Cheer up!


Joel said...

Happy birthday! 27 is still young, you have to celebrate your 47th birthday and on that day this thoughts should come up!

Ammoontie said...

Happy Birthday Ammar,
Birthdays are just numbers, be glad for all the blessings that you have. I wish for you all the success, wealth, good health and happiness.
Take care.

Oreo Madness said...

Happy Birthday Ammaro =D

funaki said...


Happy Birthday ammaro. You share your birthday on the same day as me, except for the year because then ill be too OLD :P.

Just kidding, have a nice one and hope you have many more in future.


ammaro said...

greyshorts; lets hope so! heres to a brighter and less rainy tommorow!

reloaded; you mean i wont have my site in 10 years? why? will the internet die?

eyad; and 2 shrinks a day keep the money away!

sasinsaudi; it got to me, but im running away now

dynamite; hehe... youve been in bahrain long enough :D

kj; why, does he have a podcast?

diva; thank you my friend :p

shoush; dont worry, i was just in a bit of a mood ams :p thanks for that

i*; sure will! thanks :D

msb73; dduuuuuudee... go watch some american football or sumthin

capt; im glad you know the singalong...

soulsearch; wiser and with more backaches

joel; 47! waaaaaaaaaaaah

amoontie; long as you included wealth in there, im good.

oreo; thank youuuz

funaky; aaah shadaaaaaaap :p

asoom said...

haha I thought that around 27 you go bck to being stable, it's that 22-23-24 where everyone is going through their transition and settling in their new jobs or moving away here in there or getting married. Lots of goodbyes and hellos, but maybe that's the unstable age for girls and guys go through a longer one...

moon-light7 said...

Hey, if celebrating ur bithday makes u feel this way, then don't!

of course life changes and we all change with it, but the most important thing is who we become? or is this change for the better or worse?

May ur 27th year of life be blessed with all ur heart's desires :-)

Seroo said...

and many more to come inshallah!

lizardo said...

happy birhday ammar