13 January 2008

Bedouin Bush

He came and left so quickly we didn't even realize it. Well, we wouldn't have if it wasn't for the ridiculous traffic today morning! Every single road seemed to be blocked to make sure 'the bush' was safe, and all of us ended up at work a good hour late or so. But hey, the visit wasn't without its benefits! Just seeing Bush wiggle that sword (part of a traditional dance) with a huge baby grin on his face totally made it up for me. Seriously, it's like giving a baby a rattler for the first time:

Lovely. My perfect birthday gift. Anyway; off he goes to continue the rest of the Middle-East tour; by now he should be in the UAE, and tommorow, Saudi.

Thanks to RedBelt for the video


KJ said...

They gave people working in Dubai tomorrow as a holiday since all roads to/from Dubai will be blocked!

taqo said...

3ashaw! Lol.

moon-light7 said...

LOL, he was so happy with the sword!!

Anonymous said...

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