4 January 2008

Finally; My Year!

I'm not really one to read the horoscopes; I personally think it's silly, but hey, if other people choose to base their lives on it then they are very well free to do so. I crossed the horoscopes section while flipping through a magazine today, but this time it sort of caught my eye. I remember a few years back on the verge of entering 2004, I had such a hopeful outlook for the coming year that I pretty much believed that '04 was going to be my year. 12 months later, it turns out that it wasn't, so I figured that 2005 would be my year. Again, it wasn't, so I was more hopeful for 2006. Nope. 2007? Nope. So now i've got my eyes set on 2008, and if this year doesn't turn out to be super-duper-great, I figure i'll just drop the whole idea of any year being my year.

Anyway; back to the horoscopes. As I flipped the page, I saw my star sign highlighted and the first line read:

It's been promising to happen for sometime now but that break you have been wishing for is finally about to come your way...

No way! Maybe I should start reading these things huh? While reading it my wife was next to me so I excitedly told her this has got to be one of the greatest horoscopes ever, and since i've been whining to her every year about how my year never actually came around, she sort of got excited too. I continued reading out loud:

...finally about to come your way thanks to a chance meeting with a blonde woman on the 14th of the month.

Err... Now my wife started giving me angry looks, but I decided that I should continue since I started anyway...

Things will move quickly after that and you will need to ensure your progress isn't hampered by any jealous associates who may not be able to deal with your new found success and friend.

By now I could see my wife getting pretty ticked off, and I figured that she probably was the so-called "jealous associate", but hey, lets read the rest of this and see where it goes:

By the end of the month you may have to plan towards a change of residence (ouch!) due to family issues (double ouch!) but that's likely to be the only negative in an otherwise positive start to 2008.

By now I could see small storm clouds floating above my wife's head and I figured I should leave the room quickly before something breaks. Ah. Well, it doesn't matter. This year is finally my year! Yes; i'll let you all know how/when I manage to make that million dollars i've been looking forward to year after year.

On another note; take a look at the column on the right. See the Flickr badge? Click on it (or go to www.flickr.com/ammar456) and you can see some of the photos I take every now and then - mostly shots here and there around Bahrain :) Drop a comment, let me know what you think. Thanks!


omtutu said...

hahah that's hilarious! I don't blame your wife :P

You know a few years back, I claimed the year as MY YEAR. I had never done it before, but I was so sure it was MY YEAR, so I stood firm and claimed it. That was the year I met my husband :)

Who knows there could have been positive energy flowing that year and they say that you attract what you emit, so I say go for it. Claim this year as yours, and it shall be amazing inshallah :)

KJ said...


Oh man I would say that was anything but a good start hahahaha

btw if you read the horoscopes for all the other months, you'd also fit in

Desert-Roses said...

Look who reads for ma'3i fara7?!! :P

yeah I kept telling every one as same as your star sign that....
because the past year in generally wasn't good for them...

n yeah happy new year!

Cat said...

ma'3e fara7 !! ;)

Shale bin Agnon said...

ha ha. I have not heard such a silly horoscope. Do not be surprised to wake up handcuffed to something immovable on the 14th.

Maverick Tree With Lots Of Leaves said...

looool.. god help ur wife

i dont think she'd find it particularly funny if you actually did meet a blonde on the 14th..

but then u never know, might be a blonde man with an interesting business proposition

Zhu said...

But did you check your wife's horoscope? ;)

This year is gonna be the year of the Rat in Chinese horoscope... should be good.

taqo said...

LOL. I'd be pissed off too. You big meanie.

Nicole said...

Grin - a tad understandable that she was ticked off.
But hey, maybe she's gonna dye her hair and you'll move to another place ;)

Good luck for your 2008 - and Greets from Kuwait to my favorite vacation place in this region :D

msb73 said...

perhaps you should just readjust your expectations! it's like going to a movie expecting it to be out of this world.. and then you get disappointed.. maybe you shouldn't expect so much and be pleasantly surprised! :)

i, on the other hand, also insist that this year will be a good one.. 07 was better than 06 and i'm going to ensure that the trend continue. yala!

(were u in carribou today?)

ammaro.com said...

omtutu; haha, true.. But i actually claimed previous years and somehow the positive energy didnt help me win any lotteries and so on

Kj; lol.. With this horoscope it just might be the opposite of my year!

Desert; who??

Cat; again, who??

Shale; yes, they almost never come true.. For now, ill try to avoid handcuffs and so on..

Maverick; lol, that would be funny to see! 8 days left

Zhu; isnt the rat a bad thing? Oh but its chinese.. Those guys will eat anything ;p


Msb; haha, true.. But while im hoping for a good year, im expecting a really crappy one (hope for the best but expect the worst!).. Caribou? Is that an island near jamaica or something? I was in cocos/lilos around lunch if thats what youre asking..

Redbelt said...

Despite getting officially married in it, 2007 was the worst and hardest year I ever lived through, I changed 3 jobs, been unemployed, buried relatives, had legal cases thrown at me from everywhere. I'm just so glad it is DONE.
so, 08 is MY year now, sorry, not yours.

However, about your horoscope, Blonds are CUTE! (don't tell me wife) Way to go Ammaro! When you meet her in 8 days, find out if she has cute friends too.

Missy said...

HHAHAHAHAH poor wifey! -.-

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Moon-light7 said...

"but that's likely to be the only negative in an otherwise positive start to 2008"

heheh...that should be interesting!

Those horoscope ppl always tell u the the bad things! I mean if u're saying it's a good year, at least choose something nice to predict ha!

eshda3wa said...

every year is your year!

its wat u make of t
mako a whole year with no downs

bs u have to make the ups count extra

..::Amu::.. said...

i second eshda3wa every year is your year!

La Reine said...

ya rabi aish hal na7asa!!! why continue reading wilmeskeen ga3da ti67an jambik hehehhehe

well yay ino its ur year :p 5af bass but ok u believe wat u want to believe

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

I saw you in the slide :)

Shoaib said...

lol... dude thats mean....nice post tho...

and let me know where u get all these freaky ideas.