16 January 2008

The Facelift

After a long day yesterday of stressing out over HTML, XML, RSS linking, templates, a bit of photoshop, redesign, margins, 10px and 20px, etc etc etc, it's finally done! Yep, this is the new face of ammaro.com, I hope you all like it, and if you don't, well, it took me so long to actually do this that I won't attempt another facelift till sometime next year. I am planning on tidying up small changes (maybe round corners here and there, move a few things around, etc), but the overall, this is it! Maybe a new header. Hmm...

If you passed by more than once yesterday, you probably would have seen the page go through every single color of the rainbow. I've been planning a facelift for about 2 months now, but yesterday I decided what the hell, and just did everything from A-Z. It's a headache. I swear.

Totally unrelated, but here's a pic of the Financial Harbor against some clouds, i'm pretty happy with this one:



ManalQ8 said...


Very good improvement
Well done

The first thing I’ve recognised is the name of the blog or as you said your website
The black writing of “ammaro.com” wasn’t clear over the dark background colours


It looks fantastic

And I liked the long title for number of visitors

The job you have done is worth it

I went through your posts
I read about you
I liked your way of expressing your self and describing thins

I enjoyed wasting my time at your blog

Just joking

You must be proud of your self

Wish you all the best Ammar

..::Amu::.. said...

Bro..its looks nice :) congrats..I know its a hard work thats is why when I think about changing the look on my blog I cant be bothered!!

do0da said...
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do0da said...

I just gave u some1 else's comment so ima try get it right this time :P

HTML is a pain in the ass im surprised ur gona bother after 2 months :P

Bahraini Diva said...

Great job Ammaro I LOOOOVE IT
So that's why I couldn't access your blog yesterday! Fantastic face left for a fantastic blog ;) keep shining dear

Canc3riaN said...

I think it's cute and it's "mrattab".


And hey.... the pic is awesome!

June said...

Loving it. You should do mine.

Shoush said...

Becuz zafaitni for not reading ur last post (which i DID btw!), am not gonna read this one. But am glad ur blog is not zaiti. :P

moon-light7 said...

Niiice :-) both the blog & the pic.

Honestly speaking, I really liked the old black style, before the last change of background! it was sort of ... sophisticated. but this one's nice too, modern & contemporary. Great job :)

taqo said...

I think I'm a tad jealous.


And yeah, nice photo -_-

LuLu said...

It looks amazing..! I expected some sort of change but this is top of the line attractive :-)

Shionge said...

Hey, sorry been away for so long, glad to be back :D

Thank you for your comment pal, I'll catchup with you!

SoulSearch said...

Ammar, I've just been going thru your flickr pics and wondered if you would like to sell any of these images. I'm looking for generic images of Bahrain. So if you're nterested in selling any of them, please email me on: soulsearch78@gmail.com
and we'll take it from there.

Ria said...

Number of people who have wasted their life on this page instead of going out and doing something useful: 40,756 -- cool! hehe. love the design!

Joel said...

Awesome! :D