12 January 2008

On Turning 27

I was abruptly reminded that tommorow is my birthday. Birthday. I'm turning 27... sheesh; i'm getting old guys (all those older people reading this, yes, you're old too! Stop denying it).

Anyway, I know I haven't been very active in updating the site the past two weeks or so; a bunch of things have been going on. First, I had two visitors to Bahrain, and was busy showing them around the country. Second, I got a new job so i've been sort of busy with that too. Third, i'm actively trying to work on some other things (short movies, music production) which I haven't had time to focus on for a while, so hopefully you'll be seeing the results of those pretty soon ;)

2008 is looking good so far; and considering it's my birthday tommorow, gifts and cash are both accepted. Good wishes for the future etc, on the other hand, are not. Send me a message for my bank account details and/or mailing address.


Bahraini Diva said...

LOOOL! you think that 27 is old!?? my god!!! I'm turning 30 on March this year & still feel young & would never ever deny how old I am! Think about your accomplishments dear & you will feel proud turning 27! Happy Birthday my dear friend & wish you a great 2008

LuLu said...

Happy birthday! Now, you're not old cuz if you're old then I'm old too and I'm just not old so you're not old. Enjoy 2008!

Haitham Salman said...

Happy Birthday
I will not talk about age because I am still young

Have a wonderful year

Haitham Salman

Shoush said...

Does that mean am gonna hav to start calling u 3amu Ammaro? U know, out of respect for the elderly. ;P

Shale bin Agnon said...

Don't worry Diva, my gf is turning 30 in March too, and she has lots of years of being hot in front of her. (these things are important) :)

And Ammaro:
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Ammaro
Happy birthday to you

And the version in your language:
Jihad Jihad Durka Mahbrook Jihad...
(ha ha)

PiNkiSh said...

Happy birthday :D
lol I choose wishing you the best in your life :)

enjoy the next 3 years before you hit the 30's ;p

Semaj said...

Happy Birthday.

Side question, what kind of music software are you using for your music productions?

Jay Cam said...

happy birthday man!
27 is still young!
go party!!

'Grey' said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day and Many COngrats on your new Job !

Lets Partay !

Sunshine said...

Happy twenteen seven :)

have a great year xoxo

taqo said...

Happy Birthday, dude!
And thank you for making me feel so young again. :"D

SwaRwaR said...


Yacoub said...

Happy birthday!

This will either make you feel really young or really old!


Re.Loaded Soul said...

Wish you a very happy birthday Ammaro.
Wish you another.. lets say.. 33 years of happiness??

Eyad said...

old fart!!!

moodz said...

Happy belated birthday wishes here! :)

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

hey silly im 37 and im not feeling OLD !

KJ said...

I heard from several of my older male friends that 27 is quite a turning point in a man's life, so I really wish that on your BDay your life turns to the best!

Happy Birthday bro

layal said...

happy birthday :-)

ammaro said...

diva; you're in denial dear. you're ooooold. ooooold :p

lulu; you too! everyone's in denial here!

haitham; hehe, ok then, thanks :p

shoush; how about 7aji 3ammaro? :p

shale; haha, thats funny. you know that makes no sense right.

pinkish; 30! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

semaj; acid, FL studio

jay; what do you know! youre still a kid!

grey; thanks bro

sunshine; twenteen. cute.

taqo; ah dont worry, youll get old soon!

swarwar; thanks thanks

yacoub; oh yeah, that was perfect. thanks. !

reloaded; yeah, that should be more than enough

eyad; ill be the old fart, you can be the smelly one!

moodz; its not belated :S my bday is today dude

dynamite; you might not 'feel' old but you certainly... :p ok maybe ill shut up...

KJ; really? 27? wht the...

layal; thnk uu

asoom said...

A lot of bloggers are having birthdays around this time-my 24th is in a month and I'm excited. I totally feel that 2008 is going to be awesome, 23 sucked for me and so did 07.

Happy 27th!

moon-light7 said...

Happy Birthday :D

Hope this year's going to be truely yours!

Merlin said...

Where do you work now?

N. said...

kel 3am o enta eb khair!