11 January 2008

More 'Crazy' in Bahrain

I always knew life for the average Bahraini was getting more difficult by the day. In between the low salaries compared to the rest of the region, the ridiculously high cost of living, more loans and credit cards than you can shake a stick at, continuous promises of help by the government that are never fulfilled, silly congestion and traffic, lack of reasonable jobs, and a parliment that only helps to increase our rage and anger rather than help solve any of our problems, it's no wonder Bahrainis go crazy.

My theory has been that more and more Bahrainis go crazy by the day, but now I finally have proof! I've been wanting to post this for a while but never got a chance to; this is a photo of the old Bahrain psychatric hospital, ie, the mental hospital, the nutcase place, مستشفى المجانين, the place crazy people are taken to.

See? A nice, small mental hospital, fit for a small country, made up of one and a half floors covering a small area. Reasonable, no?

Anyway, there's recently been an extension to the mental hospital, which only means we're getting more nutcases. But wait, take a look at the size of this thing:

5 huge floors, each covering 3 or 4 times land space compared to the old hospital. Ooh err. What does that tell you about the number of people going crazy in this country?

Poor Bahrainis!


PG said...

well, atleast the government's trying to help with that right? :p

nice of them to build such a.. lovely-looking building.

its posts like these that make me proud to be an arab citizen

Redbelt said...

Not entierly true man.
You gotta factor in the growth rate of the population (1 mil?) and that they act as a rehab centre for drug addicts too.

PiNkiSh said...

LOL. One and a half floor mental hospital is barely enough for even a small city.
They don't necessarily need to be crazy :P some just have "curable" serious mental and psychological problems and they will be released eventually. Plus, the new building looks way better ;P
Anyway, if you're interested, you should give it a visit and do some kind of a survey to find out the reasons behind their illness, maybe then you'll be able to prove your theory :P

Seroo said...

why not. they need the extra space to run around.

Ebtihal said...

My holy GOD!
Even if we considered population growth and drugs addicts that means the number of (mental patients) has grown more than 3 times of its original number. Should we take mental illnesses as a natural way of living?

Shale bin Agnon said...

I will sign your commitment papers. No problem. If you move now, you might still get the penthouse.

Moon-Light7 said...

ow :$ that's not good *shakes head solemnly*

This is a very depressing post Ammar, yesterday u were creative, what happened!! don't u go reminding us of what we're trying to forget.

it's true though, ppl are going crazy! and not just in Bahrain.

eshda3wa said...

population is increasing
definitely more nutjobs

Anonymous said...

there are a lot of mental health cases in bahrain because a cousin marries a cousin.

PG said...

theres nothing wrong with cousins marrying eachother :@

KJ said...

You need to compare the size of the building with the the rest of the population, and you'd find it is quite a small percentage!

And why were you there :P did they just release you :P

ammaro said...

pg; yes, we cant deny them that! thank you for building our nutcase place

redbelt; youre not fun.

pinkish; im not that interested. but thank you for the suggestion :p

seroo; thats true. good point.

ebtihal; in bahrain? sure.

shale; you know, it is free accomodation.....

moonlight; its not supposed to be depressing! its supposed to be FUNNY! laugh la!? laaaaaaaaugh

eshda3wa; this is sort of pushing the nutcase limit

anon; i think its marriage in general that drives people nuts.

PG; eeemmm...

KJ; for your INFO kay jay, its on a major intersection in bahrain ;p

N. said...

Does it have room service? :P

flymenian said...

I have a feeling I'm going to go there soon I need a headcheck and that is after 2 days in the country.

trust me it is driving me crazy, I guess I'm going to leave Bahrain very soon again to relax let's say a year, 2 or 100.

Anonymous said...

I think it fits enough for the readers of your blog :p