26 January 2008

The Weed Machine

For all you druggies out there, perhaps it's time to move to California; the first weed vending machine is finally available for public use.

Yep, you heard correct; that's a vending machine that gives out weed/marijuana/pot. No need to drive around in the middle of the night looking for your drug-dealer, just pass by the machine, pop in a coin, and get your instant high! And of course, I can already picture the broke addicts kicking and pushing the machine, trying to get a free buzz.

Well, it doesn't actually work like that, so don't expect to find them next to your local Pepsi vending machine anytime soon. These machines are monitored by 24 hour security, and the only way to use them is through a fingerprint scan after getting a prescription from your doctor (and yes, prescriptions are being given out nowadays).

Funny eh? Well, I always figured it made more sense to legalize drugs and regulate them, rather than make them illegal and have them sold without constraint on the black market, but this whole vending machine thing is just pushing it. Anyway, as the song goes: "California, knows how to party. Californiaaa, knows how to paaaarty..."


Woozie said...

In the cityyyyy, city of Watts. In the cityyyy, city of Compton, we keep it rockin', we keep it rockin'...

Jay Cam said...

ok heres the idea!

you get a disease, buy the weed, give it to me, and iill sell it!

we're going to be millionaires!
: )

Semaj said...

This is crazy. I've never heard of this.

I wonder what people will do when it takes their money?

do0da said...

wow ! so how long til we get some of these over here :p

..::Amu::.. said...

WTF?? I need to see this machine when I go there next...I am sure the addicts are jumping in happiness!

Shionge said...

This is so cool and I must have missed this when i was there ya

moon-light7 said...

oh!! this is .... weird!

Shoush said...

So who'd give a person such a prescription? Or maybe i shud rephrase, a prescription to cure wat?

rosh said...

Well a small amoount of Marijuana, prescribed as medication has been legal in Canada for about 2 years, I think?

However, I don't they've got a vending machine of sorts?

Californians love to paartaaaay, true that!

Coolred38 said...

Considering alcohol has done more collective damage due to loss of income, domestic violence, and drunk driving...I still cant figure out who makes the rules that one form or addiction can be legal and another illegal. Its all relative really...my sis and her buds were pot heads...not a day went by that her house wasnt reeking of the stuff(I was accused on occassion as a teen of toking up too but never felt the pull so many others have)...but she wouldnt drink and drive as that was "against the law"...sigh!

ammaro said...

woozie; okay, now that you proved to everyone that you know the lyrics of the song, what next? you want a cookie?

jaycam; your business sense astounds me.

semaj; i go nuts when a pepsi machine takes my money. imagine if im waiting for weed! haha!

do0da; in Saudi? in the year two thousand and never

Amu; you were just there dude!

shionge; they just started this week :p

moonlight; yes it is!

shoush; stress? maybe?

rosh; man, in canada, everything is legal.

coolred; yeah, thats funny :)

Shoush said...

I checked it out. It's a vending machine with all sorts of prescription drugs, including drugs for depression, chronic pain, etc. Apparently, they're cheaper at the vending machine.

CG said...

Hmm...I don't think any 'true' addicts will be smashing it open for a bit of weed...I could understand it if it had crack inside...but weed? nah.

ammaro said...

shoush; well there ya go!

CG; ahaa.. the expert speaks..