9 January 2008

Another boring list of blogs

You know how some sites have lists of links to other sites? And how some bloggers have lists of other blogs they read and so on? Does anyone ever really read those?

I mean, they are a little boring, especially if you have 3 million other blogs that you read. So instead of go with the flow, i've put a list of all the blogs I read and turned them into a little story. A little silly, true. A big waste of time, yes. But hey, it definately beats your blog list.

It's on the right column under "The Blog Story" (creative name, eh?).

If you're not there, don't get mad. I probably don't care about your blog. No, no! Just kidding, I probably didn't add it because I had too many to go through and somehow missed one or two. Entirely by accident. I don't hate you; just send me a message and i'll add you.

PS. Semaj, I couldn't place you in there because I really have no idea how to put that in a sentence.