24 January 2008

Drive or Walk?

I was at the work yesterday, and had a meeting scheduled at an office in Exhibition Road. Now, this office is only 4 or 5 minutes away by car, but because of the ridiculous traffic and so on, it could easily take anywhere upto 30 minutes leaving my parking lot, sitting in rush hour traffic, waiting for green lights, and finding another parking spot. Same story coming back.

There is a clear cut walking path from my office (near NBB tower) to where my scheduled meeting was, and it probably won't take longer to walk there than 25 minutes anyway, so I decided, what the hell, i'll just walk. The weather was nice, and I had my camera with me, so i could take a bunch of nice photos on the way, too.

Very clever.

Half way through the walk it started pouring. Lol. Rain rain rain. Bluh. I walked to a nearby shopping mall and dried up, but of course walking under the rain has it's side effects.

*Sniff*. Bloody flu. Everyone seemed to have gotten it over the past month or so, but I have so far managed to stay clear away from it! I was pretty proud of my achievement, but due to my little silly incident yesterday (ohhhh, why don't I just walkkk, duuuh), i'm sick now.

On the bright side, I did manage to take some nice shots on the way (click for large size). Enjoy!

*Sniff*... *Cough Cough*.


Shale bin Agnon said...

25 minutes seems like quite a pleasant, short stroll... The office has been 5 minutes away for me for the last 2 years, and I really miss the walk. I do not miss the previous job though, when I had to commute by car.

Re.Loaded Soul said...

Just for you information buddy, the virus that caused you "sniffing", has probably been sitting there inside your body for the last 3-4 days, and got activated yesterday. SO DO NOT BLAME THE WEATHER :)

Anyways, nice pics and I would love to see how next time you will capture the rains' drops in your camera.

Shionge said...

Indeed very nice shot :D

moon-light7 said...

A walk under the clouds is always a no no! salamat..

That last pic is cool :-)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha salamat bro! the first pic looks like it came right out of "Cloverfield"!

- Shihaby

Ebtihal said...

It worths it Ammar! really nice pictures and nice weather to walk and you will not have this opportunity in the rest of the year! just next time bring an umbrella!
I like the first picture so much and would like to have it as wallpaper on my desktop, do you have it in a larger size?

noracassandra said...

oh you poor thing! i hear you man! i'm dying myself for weeks waiting for a cure and nothing works! :P so hope your flu doesn't end up anything close to mine!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

As usual, lovely pictures Ammar.
And Salamat..

Redbelt said...

does risk = reward?

You're an investment banker, do the math.


rosh said...

WOW - these pictures are quite amazing, thanks. Bahrain is beautiful. At times, it's nice to get away from the crazy super sonic changes in the UAE to good 'ol Bahrain.

Wish you a speedy recovery.

ammaro said...

shale; pleasant, yes, but we dont know what rain is here. it scares us.

reloaded; no, im gonna blame the weather whether you like it or not.

shionge; thanks

moonlight; yeah well i didnt figure it was gonna rain! it never rains!

shihaby; dude, did you watch cloverfield?!

ebtihal; sure, i can email it to you; whats your address? and what size is your screen?

nora; its been 4 days now :(

silly; thank you :)

redbelt; dude, of course!

rosh; oh yeah, the place here is practically on mute compared to dubai

Anonymous said...

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