2 January 2008

Sale Fever

A lone woman, dressed up in an abaya with her long black hair flowing passes by, shopping bags in each hand from different brand stores, casually strolling, looking left and right at the different clothes in the shop windows. The scent of perfume follows her, touching all those she passes by. A large man walks, with his long hair sticking out from underneath an Addidas cap, a Gap t-shirt and sandwashed blue jeans. He pushes a baby stroller, walking by his wife in her fashionable high heels, flashy skirt and expensive top, again with shopping bags in hand. Without the wife and baby stroller, you would never actually guess he was a father. Some children run around in the corner, playing some sort of childrens game, joyfully screaming, causing a little bit of a fuss.

Shop shelves full of clothes, discounted stocks waiting to be picked up by the relentless shoppers. Store windows screaming out Sale, Discount, 25%, 50%, 75%. Offers on different products, special promotions, exclusive deals stand out and lure the innocent buyers, turning them into money dispensing addicts.

The shopping mall lights shine bright, and the place is filled with life and noise, from the families walking around, the children running playing games, the occasional crying baby, the music playing through the mall speakers. Different smells fill up the area, with the scent of oversprayed perfume on the occasional self-conscious woman, the aroma of different food joints leaking from the food court, and the smell of brand new clothes in each shop. Another dollar spent, another buyer satisfied, another shopper happy; another beginning to another Sale season.


June said...

I wanna go to Bahrain :'(

Shoaib said...

OOH... it looks as if i've missed on a lot of things..

good 2 knw SALE is back.. YAY!! wherz my wallet

palo-girl said...

lovely description

its exciting isnt it?

Coolred38 said...

Sales always start days before I get my salary...so by the time Im pulling up in the parking lot ready to spend my hard earned money....the shelves are empty...or maybe there are just a few things left that my grandmother wouldnt wear...and she is blind...sigh. Not fair.

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

hehehehehe ... I miss going shopping there!

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

i saw your pctureeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Ra-1 said...

Heh :)

eshda3wa said...

u make sale season sound so casual

its war baby!

Desert Bloom said...

lool i could actually see what u were describing :D great post

i*maginate said...

just another season, huh? :P

Nicole said...

Isn't this an endless Sales season in the Middle East?

ammaro.com said...

june; you were here werent you? Did u leave already?

Shoaib; i have no idea where your wallet is. And if i did, i wouldnt give it back to you ;p

Palo; haha. No it aint. Youre a woman, of course you find it exciting!

Cool; and thats why god created credit cards!

Dynamite; cool, where?

Ra1; glad you find it amusing ;p

Eshda3wa; especially if youre fighting with your guy over the credit cards ;)

Desert; of course, im great ;p

I*; for me, yes, another long, draining sale

Nicole; from looking at my bank statements, it sure feels like it!