6 March 2008

Destructive Orange

A little old, but still cracks me up everytime I see it - the tale of a sad orange that ended in self-destruction:

Sad sad drama. Speaking of drama, this is something I should have had up when I posted the top bathroom signs a few weeks ago:

I don't how many people actually go fishing in a toilet seat, but hey, you never know what you might catch down there. Anyway; besides that, 'Thee Project' have just been featured on BahrainTalent, making them the second artist to be featured up there, and hopefully i'll be adding another three this week.

For all those who've watched my short movie The Package and commented, thanks :) Support appreciated; i'll send you invitations to the ceremony whenever i'm nominated for an Oscar (or a Golden Globe, I really don't mind either). Lots of changes happening here, lots of new productions in both movies, music and website business in general, and lots of everything. Keep coming back for more ;) ammarocorp is coming soon (scary drum roll)


Sous said...

Hahaha the toilet signs just kills me. The orange is funny too, u can feel the pain :P

Anonymous said...

whahahahaahahahahahahahahaha love the orange!

icon said...

Wow, its a really wonderful story, I liked the Orange personality hehe.
Anyway, your movie was unexpected for me, the story was way too different, but at the end I liked it because it has some suspense. Well done!!

Maya // مايا said...

LOL! Lookie at the doggiestyle thingy!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ammaroooooo ya 7abeeby! You just made me wake my neighbours up! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! :P

asoom said...

oh my God the orange thing is sooo cute!

Shoaib said...

i feel so sorry for the orange.. ='( *sniff*