14 March 2008

How to Choose our MP's

Forced to resign. Not because he did his job badly, not because he didn't achieve the tasks he was meant to achieve. No; he was forced to resign because of something he did in his own private life, not affecting the outstanding job he was doing in any way.

The Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, was a great leader. He took his post strongly and vowed to crack down on corruption, shady practices, and he made a change. He was named by Time Magazine as 'Crusader of the Year', while others called him 'The Sheriff of Wall Street'. Many saw him as a potential candidate for president; yes, the future for Spitzer was very promising.

So what brought the man to resign? Very simply, his involvement with prostitution; in his free time, he spent money on a high-end prostitute service. Not that it affected his job, his efforts, or even his output, at which he was doing amazingly well. But because he was doing something considered immoral in his own private life, the people struck down, and demanded he resign, or otherwise face impeachment.

And so the past few days have seen a huge fuss being thrown about over this 'scandal', to which Spitzer finally announced his resignation. And therefore, New York has just lost a valuable leader, one capable of stimulating progress and brining about beneficial change. And why? For something he did in his own private life? Something he did not let affect his position as Governor? Something that could in no way affect any of the people of New York?

What he does in his own spare time is nobody's business. He wants to sleep with prostitutes? Fine, as long as it doesn't affect his job. He wants to smoke up, drink? As long as he does a great job, so what? He doesn't poke his nose into your private business, why do you poke your nose into his? Remember Bill Clinton? The American President who moved the US into a stage of prosperity and wealth? Who made life good for the people? Who brought strength to it's economy? He was thrown out for having an affair. An affair. Something many people denounce but end up doing behind closed doors. How did the affair affect his job as president? Not in the least. But the American people decided that he should go, and so he did. And the sad thing is, he will always be remembered for his affair, and not for his great achievements.

Leaders shouldn't be chosen through what they do in their personal lives, but for what they can do in their position. You don't hire an Engineer because he doesn't sleep around, but you hire him because he can do his job well. You don't hire a Doctor because he doesn't drink, but you hire him because he can heal his patients. You don't vote for an MP because he makes a great religious speech, has a beard that goes down to his waist, or a thob that goes above his knees. You don't vote for an MP because he belongs to a specific relgious sect, or because he's your friend or your neighbor. You vote for an MP based on his educational and working credentials. Based on his knowledge of how to enact change, based on his experience. You vote for an MP based on his awareness of how political processes work, and perhaps on his familiarness with other fields that would make his position more useful.

Let's vote for politicians, bankers, and doctors. Let's vote for engineers, economists, and scientists. Let's vote for people who have enough knowledge to make a difference in our parliament halls, to make a difference in our country.

Until then, enjoy the ongoing parliament arguments every week, and the fights that start up 10 minutes into every session. We're not very far away from this:


Rashid said...

ive been saying the same thing all week..

Grey said...

Man you seem pretty fired up! anyways i am all for politicians having sex scandals, why anyone should be bothered if they are doing the job anyways I like the late Inodnasian leader Sukarno, when CIA tried to blackmail him with his nude pictures with a hooker, he told them to go ahead because he was sure that Indonasins would love it. Probably what Clinton/Spitzer should have done, people love these kinds of things.

Abid said...

So how far can this be taken in your opinion? Should a murderer be allowed to stay in office? Should a drug trafficker? (clearly, in the case of the drug trafficker, he is not harming anyone directly. Two consenting adults are exchanging goods for a set price).

Woozie said...

It comes down to one word: hypocrisy. One of the things people continually can't stand here is hypocrisy. That's why Spitzer went and Clinton stayed*, one was all about ethical government and the other everyone knew was a playboy. It's a character issue which could tie into leadership skills.

*They just voted on kicking him out, the vote didn't pass.

Anonymous said...

I beg to disagree, ammaro. Once a person becomes a public official, he becomes some kind of public property. His life then is scrutinized. What this guy did may not have affected New York, but it did affect his family. I think stepping down was the right decision as it showed that the governor was remorseful for what he did. Clinton was a great hypocrite.

Semaj said...

Man, I couldn't agree more. As long as it doesn't screw up his job, why care? Now i do see a difference between this and the Larry Craig scandal though. I thought Craig should have stepped down sooner.

Now, granted I did do a post about it though escort scandal. The story was too juicy to pass up.

Gardens of Sand said...

He resigned because he is a hypocrite; he went after people that did the very same thing he did privately all along. He put Johns away left and right but forgot to include himself. It sent a clear message: Spitzer thought he was above the law. I am glad to see that he isn't. Refreshing really. New York did not lose a good leader, they got rid of another hypocrite.

Coolred38 said...

I agree with sands....his hypocrisy is what got him kicked out...his JOB was going after those that used illegal prostitute services...in which case, what he did in his private life was very relevant to his public life.

Good Ole Boy Bill managed to keep his job cause he hadnt passed any legislation making it against the law to sleep with the help...and adultery is not against the law either...and he didnt personally send anyone to jail for doing what he did...so jackass he is...hypocrite he wasnt.

icon said...

I also agree with garden and sand's opinion. His morals are above everything. You may think it does not effect his job, he's able to give people a good life besides his scandals and sordid life, but morals are all there is, it matters. And it effects on his job too..

excuse me, but I cannot look at my hypocrite boss, who spends nights with sluts, smile in his face even though he is considered as the best boss on the planet..he's going to hell anyway!!

beaverboosh said...

Prostituion is illegal. He was a public prosecutor. Really! He resigned because he let himself down before he let everyone else down, especially his family. At least there is a shred of honour in him.
Live by the sword, die by the sword.
I dont care what people do in their spare time, but I will never vote for a sheep shagger on an anti sheep shagging agenda!

Coolred38 said...


Well said...lol

SoulSearch said...

You do have a point about electing the right person, but being a hypocrit can only be seen as a character flaw. But you would say who doesn't have a character flaw? right? anything but hypocrasy, it drags alot of other evils. Would you want someone in office to say one thing and do the total opposite?