2 March 2008

Slow Food

It's a sad day for fast food lovers everywhere, when the amount of time it takes you to get your food is substantially longer than the time it takes people who ordered 'normal-speed' food.

I went into the Dana Mall food court today with three people. I was hungry, and made a quick decision; walked over to Burger King, ordered my meal, paid, and waited. The other three took a little longer to decide, but as they did, the first went over to Isfahan (Iranian food), the second to Quiznos, and the third to Yum Yum Tree (to order some Japanese dish thingy). Now, I must add that food ordered in each of the above three places requires a reasonable amount of cooking time; Isfahan was a plate of rice with meat, Quiznos make your sandwich on the spot then 'oven-toast' it, and YumYum Tree cook the Teryaki plates right infront of your eyes. Wow.

So we all sat down on a table as we waited for our food, and one by one each restaurant called to pick up their dish, except for me. As the third person sat down ready to eat, I looked over at Burger King. Where the hell is my food? I walked over and asked them if it's ready, to which the lady there rudely replied, "No, you wait No?"

I would understand if they were busy, but there was only one person infront of me who had ordered a coke, and I doubt that would delay my order by much. Anyhoo; few minutes later, my food was ready, and I sat down as the others had already begun and were half way through their meals.

I think this means that every single benefit of 'fast-food' has been killed off. Even being a pile of totally unhealthy junk, it was convenient and quick. Nope, no more. I signal today, the day fast-food died.


Never mind that; If you haven't already checked it out, take a look at BahrainTalent; it's officially been launched as of today with the first artist, Ed Buzzerk, being featured. On another note, I managed to get together with one other person yesterday and get the movie filmed and over and done with; sure, we were supposed to be a total of six, but like I previously said, getting a few people in the same place at the same time is sort of impossible here. Anyway, should be done with the editing tonight hopefully, and will be posting it up. Stay Tuned!


moon-light7 said...

I'm guessing nobody beyetra7am 3ala el fastfood!!

Can't wait to see the film :D

Aigre-doux said...

Dude. I loathe that Burger King branch. I had a burger craving one afternoon and in happy anticipation of sinking my teeth into a giant slab of sub-par meat, I went up to the register. There were just two tarty looking women in front of me whom the bahraini cashier was sweetly exchanging small chit-chat with in arabic while they waited for their food (i mean seriously, who the fuck wears fishnets, velvet and displays cleavage at lunch). My turn to order, and in the mean time, mixed-race family of four has come and placed themselves next to me. While the words come out of my mouth, cashier hears mixed-race kid talk in french, squeals, and promptly devotes all her attention to white-male-father. Check this out - she decides to do this in FRENCH. &!@*(&!@(*&!@(*&!@*()!^#7 Unbelievable. I, ofcourse, seethe and say, "Excuse me, I was here first standing in line." She grimaces and reluctantly takes my order. At the end of it all, I still get my ONE burger last AFTER the family of four and that too, without the requested and requisite mustard. Hmph.

Too much detail in story know.. but i couldn't vent about this experience in person without being accused of being a spoiled brat.

eshda3wa said...

then today is a day i shal celebrate 4 the rest of my life :)

KJ said...

Maybe they were preparing your burger fresh! I went to McDees, same situation... but the burger was SO FRESH it was unbelievable! the first time it LOOKED LIKE THE PHOTO

ammaro said...

it wasnt fresh at ALL dude... and even if it was, what the hell.. give me an option for FAST UNFRESH FOOD and SLOW FRESH FOOD... i was hungry, i woulda taken the unfresh one anyway

rosh said...

I hear you, it's so slow even at the city that never sleeps, NYC! Plus you really don't wanna mess with African American sistas & brothas: if you know what I mean :)