18 February 2008

Top 10 Bathroom Signs

The problem with these is, if you really needed to go and saw one of them, you'd probably start laughing and wouldn't be able to hold yourself:

I feel I need to go just by looking at this... (Legoland, Denmark)

German sign. Now these guys encourage strict standards.

Best thing Wi-Fi has given us so far; toilet internet. Shame you can't use it here though.

Sign in Korea. Is this sort of thing normal over there?

But i'm real thirsty! What to do...

Sorry. Had a heavy lunch...

No pissing on the floor. If that's your sort of thing, why even use a toilet in the first place?

Toilets were made for pissing. For everything else, get a room.

So that's why women spend so much time in the bathroom!

Afghanistan sign!


Romston said...


Love the face of the guy who's having a blowjob !!! lol !

"Chill... we're in a bathroom"


Maya // مايا said...

Funny! Liked the bj one best :P The Afghanistan one ain't funny :P

Ah.. these poor people.. they'd probably laugh on their way to bomb china in the toilet :P

Coolred38 said...

I was pointed to a bathroom with a vague wave of the hand one time...it was down a dark hallway at the back of a store...I was 8 months pregnant and DESPARATE!!!....when I found the door the sign was mostly faded out so couldnt see the pic that well...i went in...but there was only one stall and someone was in it.....a few moments later a very big man stepped out doing up his pants...his look of shock was worse than mine I think....lol....Im just glad his pants were all the way up when he came strolling out....hee hee

Redbelt said...

Whats the sign for the unisex toilets then?

Enigma said...

loolll these are funny!

Shionge said...

Cracked me up pal kekekek....;)

Anonymous said...

loool nice one!

Ge6awEe said...

lol i thought the woman in the afghani sign was a mailbox!