15 March 2008

The Mist / 10,000BC / Vantage Point

Managed to catch up with a bunch of hyped up movies this weekend;

An adaptation from the Stephen King novel, the story is actually pretty chilling. One day after a rough storm, a mist appears from the mountains to overtake the town where the movie is set, and something in it seems to be killing people. Most of the movie happens over a period of a few days, all inside a supermarket, where a number of the locals get trapped as the mist falls. Should they stay inside and wait it out? Should they go out and risk it?

I wont spoil the plot, but overall the movie goes through some pretty strong topics; how crowds react in dire situations, mob rule, psychology of fear, and so on. Also, the ending is surreal, a breath of fresh air compared to your regular happy Hollywood ending.

So why does it get a low score? Well, the acting is medicore (I felt it was a waste of money 5 minutes into the movie), the directing is uninspiring, and the story moves really slowly at times. Overall, an excellent story and plot that you don't want to miss, produced really badly. My recommendation? Buy the book.

5 out of 10

This comes from the same director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, so expect amazing sets, special effects, and massive crowds of people involved in high powered action scenes. Besides that, the movie doesn't really hold up to much, with your 'repeated-a-million-times-before' story of a nobody who rose up to become a hero, and saved the girl.

The story doesn't feel fully thought out, and the hero doesn't even feel like a real hero (he actually became a hero by accident, not through his own courage and strength). The creature special effects were also pretty cool, but besides the mammoths, there wasn't much else. The Sabretooth Tiger, pretty much the coolest creature in the movie, only got featured for a total of less than one minute. Shame. Anyway, if you're looking for lots of fancy special effects and graphics, the movie won't disappoint, but don't expect much more.

7 out of 10

The first thing I noticed about this movie was the poster; besides the all-star cast (Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Sigourney Weaver), this looked like a movie with some sort of twist, and I was definately not disappointed. The story starts off with the President of the US on his way to a summit in Spain, and gets shot as he is about to make his speech. From there the story takes many twists and turns, playing with your thoughts as you suspect one thing, which turns out to be another, which then turns out to be another, until the grand finale at the end where all the pieces come together.

The movie isn't filmed in your regular way, though. I won't spoil it for you, but be prepared for a masterpiece of directing; everything seems to be produced perfectly, the acting is immaculate, the storyline is flawless, and the movie keeps you on your toes till the end.

The ending was a little bit too much of a coincidence for my liking, but that still didn't bring down this great movie (currently number 1 in the US box office). Definately watch this, especially if you like a good action thriller.

8.5 out of 10


Abid said...

I really have to disagree on the score you gave to 10,000 BC vs that for the Mist.

I think the Mist should get 5 thousand out of ten if 10,000 BC is getting 7/10. :)

Shionge said...

I must confess I am not a Stephen King fan so eh......thanks anyway pal :D

Have a great weekend!

Semaj said...

10,000 BC: I'm glad you reviewed it and mentioned its story problems. I heard this from a lot of reviewers. I'll wait for the DVD.

The Mist: when I heard about the ending, I ended up reading spoilers on it, and I liked the non-happy ending. I'll give this one a try on dvd.

Vantage Point: I heard the 'rewinding' thing gets a little annoying. Is that true?
Plus, I heard the ending was a bit of a let down too.

KJ said...

The Mist made me cry... at how stupid a movie can be! I reviewed it and I pretty much roasted everything in it.

I am gonna watch BC this weekend... these types of movies are about the "cinema experience" and nothing else!!!

Coolred38 said...

Stephen King books are awesome...movies born of Stephen King books are crimes against human intellect and should be aborted before they are allowed a breath of life.

Ive always considered movie critiques useful but not very helpful in the long run. Everyone has their opinion about what they like and dont like...for instance...Titanic made over a billion world wide...broke a few dozen cinema records etc...its been on tv a zillion times since...i have never been able to sit through the whole thing...just doesnt do anything for me.

Sometimes though...watching a medioce movie in the cinema is much better than watching it at home...cause u get to enjoy the crappiness of it with a bunch of strangers...and so can have fun with it...running audience commentary on a crappy movie always makes up for the otherwise "why the hell did I come see this crap" experience...thats always worth the money in my book.

ammaro said...

abid; eeeeeemmmm.. no.

shionge; well, as long as you enjoy a good movie every now and then

semaj; its actually more a 'watch in the theatre' sort of movie, unless you have a kickass surround system. the mist makes more sense to watch at home, but again, be prepared for some really, really bad acting. vantage point; not annoying, the story gets you to a climax at times and then rewinds. most people want the story to progress because of what theyre used to in regular movies, but the whole concept of this movie is to understand more of whats going on everytime you get a rewind. i loved it.

KJ; again, the book, dude. the book. Yeah, BC is good for a bit of theatre fun.

Cool; i love the cinema experience with a bit of sweet popcorn and a coke. lovely.

ManalQ8 said...

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June said...

I was going to watch Vantage Point but got distracted by steaks and air hockey.

Haitham Salman said...

what a coincidence, I just watched vontage point, I liked it but my son did not. I think it is a well directed action movie.