12 September 2007

Very Lame

A:هلا والله, شخبارك؟

B: والله زين اخوي. اقول, انا طلعت لي خط تلفون زين

A: صج؟ زين الارسال يعني؟ لو سعره زين؟

B: لا لا, ما فهمت, اهو الخط زين

A: اي فهمت بس يعني شنو الي زين فيه؟

B: لا شفيك ثقيل اليوم؟ الخط نفسه زين

A: يبه شفيك تستهبل اليوم. زين انك طلعت لك خط, بس شنو الزين فيه؟ اذا صج زين انا بعد بطلع لي خط وياك... الخط شنو, بتلكو لو فودافون؟

B: يا ربي, ما تفهم انت؟ اقولك الخط زين! زين! لا بتلكو ولا فودافون. فودافون صاروا زين! اف

A: شفيك ما تعرف تتكلم عربي عدل؟ قصدك فودافون صاروا زينين؟ خدمتهم يعني؟

B: لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله

A: شفيك احين؟

B: مافيني شي. انا زين

A: انت خط تلفون يعني؟ واهاهاهاها

(Sorry for البياخة الزايدة. Madri shfeeni elyom.)

مع تحيات عمارو دوت كوم (ammaro.com)

و شكرا



Someone just FWDed me the above conversation by email! Hey, whose stealing my jokes?!


Ammaro said...

By the way, for all those who don't read Arabic, don't be too let down.

1- It doesn't make any sense at all when translated and 2- you're really not missing much.

Missy said...


HHAHAHAHA ammar plz y3nee latgldniii :P

haha check this out, it's kinda the same :P bas kan 9ij :p

Eyad said...

min wain nazla 3alaik il s5afa il yoom man, hahah, wain il malood 3anik!!

June said...

Oh hon, you've been in that office for too long. I read your post out to my brother and all he could manage was a twitter. And he laughs at everything. I'm sorry.

iMaha said...

loool, 3jeeb mazajek elyoom, it matches the weather today ;)

Ammaro said...

missy; puuuuh-leeeeeeeeez

eyad; he already knows dude. he thinks its super-silly

june; thats it? a twitter? thats not even an amusement reaction. people do that when they're scared

diva; yes, and matches your comment too :p

M said...


Mob sa5fa =P it actually made me laugh. I must admit I got confused weya A awal shay!

Anonymous said...

The conversation took place between who and who ?!

Anonymous said...

It's a weird name for a telecom company anyway.

Redbelt said...

you rock man!

Ammaro said...

I so DO rock, don't I.

Anonymous said...

i that a joke ?!

Unknown said...

Enta Zain ya Ammar! :p

Anonymous said...

hahaa... very funny :p

Ali said...

Bahraini sense of humor for you.

ZAIN lol hehehe

Ammaro said...

i'm glad this is giving you guys such a good time. lol.

Anonymous said...

LOOOL laa thats funny!

Anonymous said...

Man that was too confusing and you are right not even really funny! Why did get to that mood? Is it the fasting and the empty stomach?

Ammaro said...

you can say thats probably part of it :p