16 September 2007

MPs VS Minister

I don't know where I stand on this whole issue. For those not in the know yet, our lovely MP's have decided to investigate some of the irregularities going on at the Ministry of Health, and specifically Salmaniya Medical Complex. The issues include management and financial violations, lack of services, work negligence, among others.

Now, I assume most Bahraini's can vouch for that; the situation in Salmaniya Complex isn't the greatest at the moment after all. We've all had to deal with, or know someone whose had to deal with the place, and we all know its drowned in chaos (and that's only the side we see as visitors. Interally, a lot more issues exist). So the MP's decide to go ahead and probe into what's going on, on no specific allegation, but over the premise that the ministry has a lot of issues and problems that aren't being dealt with.

Now, the Minister of Health, Nada Haffadh doesn't like the sound of that. She claims there is no specific premise on which they are basing their investigation on, with the whole shamble being too 'vague', and warned that she would resign if they continue to push with it.

This issue has actually been going on for a while now, and unfortunately it seems to have become much more of a personal issue between the Minister, and the Head of the Parlimentary Committee Mohammed Mazaal (Nada Haffadh had previously told Mohd Mazaal not to interfere in the issues of the Ministry).

Now, again, i'm still not fully sure on what I should be feeling about this issue;

- I know our parliment members aren't exactly the most competent people, and i've seen them base a lot of their previous actions on feelings and emotions rather than logic.

- I know the Ministry of Health is riddled with issues, most of which have nothing to do with the current Minister, but are baggage from previous periods.

- But again, on no "specific" allegation has the Ministry of Health been placed under a full investigation, when there are a number of other ministries that also need to be fully audited, probably more urgently than the Min. of Health.

- And again, this is becoming much more of a personal issue than it is one that is supposed to fix things for the people.

Guys, get off your high horses and do something for the people instead of trying to do things to spite each other. As much as I see, this is a case of personal feelings driving action which is ridiculous. We do need investigations, but not just of the Ministry of Health; of the Ministry of Labor, of our Ministry of the Interior, Finance, and of so many others. We need to improve. We need to stop this childish behaviour.

This isn't going to go anywhere. People are going to start taking sides, and sooner or later a few people will get hurt on the way, and the whole issue will dissapear. When is anyone in power actually going to do something because the people will benefit?


BB said...

Haffadh has her feathers ruffled just cos someone dares question her Ministry for a change. Salmaniya is so rife with incompetence and negligence that I'm sure it would fail internationtional standards of practise, and she has the nerve to think we should just put-up-and-shut-up. It's not just about Salmaniya either. There is also financial mismanagement at another level with leaked documents in Mazal's hands regarding the drug approval committees and pharmaceutical companies as I understand.

Anonymous said...

The problem goes back to that old failing of bureaucracy: wanting a quiet life. Haffadh got the job because the government didn't fancy pushing through the reforms her predecessor envisaged, partly because this would mean upsetting a lot of doctors. Much easier to take the line of least resistance and keep everything running smoothly...until MPs start asking questions.

I hope Haffadh doesn't go - I don't know the ins and outs of this case, but she's articulate, clever and dynamic. Contrast her with the members of the committee who want to start an investigation: Al Saeedi, Mohammed Khalid etc. Maybe this is a bit unfair on the MPs, but I can't help but feel there's two agendas going on here.

Ammaro said...

There are problems, and although its obvious Nada doesn't want a Pandora's box which holds all of the Min. of Healths problems, I still think it should be investigated into. She should not be held accountable for all the crap that goes on there, however; she needs to work on fixing them instead, and in a year or two reviews can be done to see what has or hasn't improved.

But again, not in this way; there are a bunch of other ministries that need to be investigated.

Yes, Anon, there definately is a hidden agenda in there somewhere.

Unknown said...


I thought you were talking about Kuwait, same thing is happening here. Well, the Minister of Health already resigned.