1 September 2007

12 million dollar dog

Leona Helmsley is a US hotel billionaire who died earlier this month. Better known as the "Queen of Mean for her attitude, short-temper (and mean looking face, may I add), she lived up to her name even after death.

Her billions were divided up among a few family members, and some charitable causes, and she left her dog 12 million dollars.

12 million dollars?

How's the dog supposed to deal with 12 million dollars? I mean, is it gonna go out there and buy itself a private jet or a limo or something? Dogs don't know much more than eating, sleeping and pooping, so lets say it eats gourmet meals every day for the rest of its life (which isn't very long, doctors say the dog is pretty sick), that's hardly going to surpass the $10,000 mark. And lets say a personal maid to clean the poop, and a nice little place to sleep. Seriously, 12 million? How is it even going to decide whether she wants to buy this or that? I mean, she walks up to a shop keeper and barks twice because she wants the big toy train. How's the shopkeepr supposed to know? Does the dog even know how to use an ATM machine?

And what happens when the dog dies? Where does the money go? Can I legally go and marry this dog, and get entitled to this money when she dies? This opens up so many bloody questions.

Oh, you wanna know whats REALLY messed up? The dog gets 12 million, and two of her own grandchildren get NOTHING. Now that's just being a total bitch. Hehe, i'm sure those guys are like fuming right now.

New York's "Queen of Mean" leaves $12 million to dog
Wed Aug 29, 11:36 AM ET

NEW YORK (AFP) - Leona Helmsley, the late US hotel billionaire known as the "Queen of Mean," has lived up to her reputation even in death, cutting two grandchildren out of her will and leaving 12 million dollars to her dog.

Trouble, a white Maltese, received the largest bequest from Helmsley's will, which was read out in a New York court on Tuesday.

The will sets aside a trust to care for the pampered pooch, which once starred in advertisements for Helmsley's hotel chain, and also stipulates that the dog be buried beside her and her late husband, Harry, who died in 1997.

The family's luxury mausoleum is to be maintained in perpetuity thanks to a further three million dollar trust.

Helmsley, famed for observing that "only the little people pay taxes" and who spent time in jail for tax fraud, died earlier this month aged 87.

She earned herself the sobriquet "the Queen of Mean" for her hard-nosed work ethic, short temper and reputation for cruelty and penny pinching.

Helmsley was survived by her brother -- who received 10 million dollars and will look after Trouble until the pooch dies -- as well as four grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

The two grandsons who were included in the will received five million dollars each, but only on the proviso that they visit their late father's grave at least once a year.

Her two other grandchildren were cut out "for reasons which are known to them," according to the will.

The lion's share of her four-billion-dollar fortune goes to unnamed causes through a charitable trust.

Helmsley married real estate magnate Harry Helmsley in 1972, helping him build a company managing some of New York's most prestigious addresses, including the Empire State Building, as well as hotels across the country.

She was equally well known for serving jail time for fraud from 1992 to 1993 after being investigated for skipping taxes owed notably on hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of luxury jewelry.

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Navy Girl said...

what was she thinking ?? was she thinking already !! what in earth would a dog do in so much money !!!

Anonymous said...

i didnt read the original article, but i'm guessing she wanted to make a point to her grandkids by not leaving them anything. unfortunately, she just made a point to the rest of the world about herself! who leaves that much money to a dog who cant spend it?

it's so sad to see $12 million go to a dog when some families don't even have a roof over their heads!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That dog was probably her only friend! and I'm not saying this out of compassion for the "queen of mean"!!

Anonymous said...

in such cases i wish i was the dog ...

Just like Madona's dawg !

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

If I roll over, bark, and act cute the whole time (not really possible .. but I will try) .. do you think .. I could inherit anything at all? Ever?

Unknown said...

Do you think the dog will notice if anyone steals the 12 million from him? I think not! lol.

She's an idiot.

M said...


Thank God for n3mat el 3agell!!

Like seriously what is the dog going to do with 12 million?
The dog will be paying his/her staff =P or something like that? or perhaps go shopping?

This is insane, I know my ex-instructor use to treat her dog as her daughter but I don't think she would go to this extreme!

Anonymous said...

Well that is a lucky bitch! I do wonder though how much she’ll spent and where will the rest go after she’s dead? Maybe to her lover (the dog next door)! :P

Semaj said...

Man, that is one of the meanest and ugliest people I've ever seen. She reminds me of the lunch ladies in grade school.