13 September 2007

Mixed Messages

A few days ago in the GDN:

"We live in a highly competitive world, which means we need to fight harder for visitors, investment and business opportunities.

"We must not lose sight of what makes Bahrain authentic and unique. We must be clear about who and what we are."

Shaikh Mohammed was speaking at the launch of the Brand Positioning Strategy for the Kingdom of Bahrain, at the Banyan Tree Desert Spa & Resort yesterday.

Yes, we're trying to promote a strong image of Bahrain, make it more attractive to foreigners, to investors, to everyone else..

So we go and do this:

BAHRAIN's hotels are facing their toughest Ramadan restrictions ever after being banned for the first time from even offering room service during daylight hours, it emerged yesterday.

A circular issued to hotels on September 3 also banned live music and the sale of alcohol during Ramadan, which begins today.

This is the third year running that hotels have faced a total alcohol ban after previously being allowed to serve guests during Ramadan once the sun went down.

However, this year is the first time hotels have been ordered not to serve any food to any guests before sunset.

Ok, we understand the point of no alcohol. But now you're banning hotels from serving their customer any food at all?

Oh man, I can just see it; that foreign investor on a visit to Bahrain, deciding whether he should invest millions into our country, walking back to his $1,000 a night Ritz-Carlton suite carrying a bag of groceries, about to make himself a cheese sandwich because he's starving and can't order room service.



Eyad the Great said...

I really can't see why is Starving every one else is important, oh wait, we need to make them hate Islam.

Anonymous said...

Add this lovely aspect to your brand! Please invest your money here but don't think about having lunch in one of our many five star hotels this month. Nope, you must participate in our religious practices like everyone else. Like we have told the rest of you foreigners, if you don't like it, you know where the airport is.

Eyad the Great said...

The funny thing here is, in Islam if you are traveling for a certain distance you are allowed to break your fast, for it used to be a very Hard thing to travel by camels and Donkeys.

Now, the people that are in Hotels are those who have been traveling, and are not form this country, not even Muslim in most cases, so why can't they live their life they way they want to, they respect us only as much as we respect them and it doest look like we are giving them any respect at all to be honest.

I wonder why we have people complaining that they couldn't find any Halal meat in America or Europe, while we don't even allow them to eat while we don't.

aah, tick with a big marker, Needs to be changed.

Anonymous said...

The thing with America or Europe is that they don't prohibit Halal meat from being sold. Anyone who pleases can open up shop and start selling it-any time of day they want.

Bahraini Diva said...

I have a feeling that next year there will be no food serving during fasting hours in hospitals!
just stupid

Missy said...

ammar ur foreign investor shouldn't worry, hal 7achi mayamshi 3al Ritz lol.

Pearls said...

ammar mbarak 3alaikom il shahar oo 3asak min il 3aydeen wel fayzeeen :D

chikapappi said...

Well that's plain stupid! No food in rooms... huh!

Well good luck selling their rooms next Ramadan after this experience...

Anonymous said...

Hello Ammaro!

I've been to Bahran 3 times during my teen years. Happy Ramadhan to you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

do0da said...

ana agol shrayik ana wiyak nifta7 a grocery shop yam hal hotel winbee3 ready made cheese sandwhichs :P Now thats an investment albiet not a million dollar one :P

Merlin said...

Yes, that is an extreme. Our governments lack the creativity for moderation. The other extreme is Dubai, where the slutfest continues throughout Ramadan. Walk into any mall and you will find those half naked eastern european chicks and others, especially Brits who should know better. Was there on the first day of Ramadan... disgusting..... but then again the emiratis have sold out their identity for cash. We all know where that ship is sailing, and the one we are in aint that better, just a different disasterous destination.

N. said...

Retartedness. Why would they do that! Come on, it is too much. Was it illegal in the old days for people to eat in the street? If it was ok then fine, but not allowing room service!

Anonymous said...

wow how can I beat the above post. anyways. back to the businessman and room service during Ramadan. I think this is a tip of the iceberg somehow, we will never reach consensus on what should be happening. also because it seems to me that Bahrain is a bit confused about it too. should it be preserving the indigenous culture (manifested through religion) or embracing foreign lifeways coming in with the investment? or maybe this dynamic equilibrium is precisely what's been the strenght of Bahrain since the third millennium BC when it was the trade hub for a lot of crazy wacky distant civilizations? and Dilmnun managed just fine for the most part. so perhaps it will be a longer historical trend and the room service dilemma slash culture clash will resolve itself in Bahrain.. on its own. wouldn't that be nice :)

ammaro.com said...

confused is true... dont know what they want and how they can achieve it. frustrating. who makes these decisions anyway?

Shale bin Agnon said...

Hmmm. Okay, respectfully, I could be missing the point, but if you make me partake in Ramadan, I do not get any Allah-points, right? Just like conversion at the sword does not get the converted into heaven.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

Anonymous said...

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