2 September 2007

Puzzle - 6

I somehow deleted the old one by accident; emmmm, sorry Tito84, I know you already answered it :p It was a bit easy anyway, so i'll post a different one.


- Don't answer if you've already come across this one before.

- I will answer questions regarding the puzzle, but only if they can be answered with "yes", "no", or "not relevant".

- Don't just make random guesses; you probably won't get it. It's more constructive if you ask questions about the question, so I can answer and give you more clues as to the answer.

- No searching online for the answer! Yes, that means YOU as well!

- Click on "Post Comments" to answer, or to ask a question about it. Here goes:

If he had wanted chocolate ice cream, his brother would be alive today.


karma said...

did he eat his brother?

ammaro.com said...


N. said...

Had he not had the chocolate ice cream, his brother would still be alive. Hence, him having had the ice cream was the cause of his brother's death. Was his brother suffering from some lack of chocolate icream-itis? ;/

ammaro.com said...

your logic is a bit fuzzy. let me rephrase

IF HE WANTED the choco ice cream, his bro would be alive. since he didnt have it, his brother is dead. work on that :p

$iLveR GiRL said...

*silveroo is trying to be a good girl*

Is there any one other than the two of them involved in the incident? their mother perhaps?

ammaro.com said...

yep, the mother was somehow involved.

$iLveR GiRL said...

I came back to check if you answered. I intended to go google it in case there was no reply (makes me feel less guilty).

Was she pregnant?

Shale the Number said...

It does not say anything about him having ice cream, just about him not wanting chocolate ice cream.

Was his brother blown up just after passing an ice cream shop which they did not go into because only he wanted ice cream?

Is chocolate ice cream actually slang for a black girl, and he dated a white girl instead, so the Ku Klux Klan killed his brother, thinking it was him?

Was his brother highly allergic to nuts, and he ordered the green ice cream thinking it was mint, but it was actually pistachio, and the mere proximity of nuts caused the brother's death?

ammaro.com said...

silver girl; no, not pregnant. and dont google it! stop being lazy!

shale; as for the ice cream shop, it has nothing to do with a shop

no, ice cream is actually ice cream, not slang for anything :p

and no, the death had nothing to do with allergies.

you're actually good at this though, you've played this kind of thing before? :P

MSB said...

- was the brother trying to get the ice cream when he died?

- was the death caused by the chocolate ice cream directly?

ammaro.com said...

aha, i see you guys are getting better at this, instead of just dropping random guesses ;)

msb; yes, the brother trying to get the ice cream was something that caused him to die

and, no, the choc ice cream didnt cause his death directly

MSB said...

so he died on the way to get the ice cream.. that means one of two things:

1) the brother went alone and got killed along the way (crossing the street or something) and had the other brother gone with him he could've stopped him from getting killed


2) the 1st brother went to get the ice cream and gotten stuck (either in the freezer or in the garage or something). had the other brother gone to get the ice cream, he would've found his brother before he suffocated to death.

you pick whichever suits you :P

June said...


I want chocolate ice cream now.

Pearls said...

HIS BROTHER STARVED TO DEATH! :D EHHEEH ;p thats kinda mean ;/

Nora Cassandra said...

I think I’ll go with msb’s second answer! Stuck in the freezer or somewhere like that, and if the brother had wanted the choco ice-cream he would have found and saved his bro!

I’m not good in puzzles but that seems the best of all logics I could have thought of!

ammaro.com said...

msb got it ;) the brother went to get some ice cream from the freezer in the garage, one of those big freezer things, and got trapped inside.

The big brother (referred to as "He" in the puzzle) came home, and wanted some vanilla ice cream. He asked mom if they had any, and she said, nope, we have some chocolate in the freezer if you want. He didn't, so he didn't go. His brother, stuck inside, suffocated. Well done.

June; erm... thats not an answer...

Pearls; yeah well, lol :p

nora; sure :p

MSB said...

wohooo.. so what do i win???

ammaro.com said...

erm... the right to boast infront of your friends and family?

Maybe i'll put up a prize for the upcoming puzzles. And make them REALLY tough, so I can keep the prize for myself, hows that?

MSB said...

how rude! :P

ammaro.com said...

not rude, just keeping the site's costs down :p