5 September 2007

Silly Headline of the Year

No no no no no... NO! You can't be serious!

Oh and wait, to make it worse, here's a line from the article:

An award has been presented to Batelco for the best Internet service provider of the year at the second annual CommsMEA Awards held at the Fairmont Hotel, Dubai. "We are delighted to have achieved this prestigious recognition as the Best Internet Service Provider of the year in the Middle East and Africa region," said consumer division general manager Nick Di Marzo, who attended the event. "Our strategy to remain technically innovative, while keeping the needs of our customers in the forefront has proven to be successful."

Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me?!?!?!!? @!#$$&^@#^&$


LiB Team said...

LOL, is that for real? I mean really? Best ISP? Are they bloody serious? Wow, I am speeeechlesss.

Unknown said...

The $1,000,000 question is,
*drum roll*
*cymbals clash*
In what category is it the best?

Ammaro said...

best internet frustration provider?

Eyad said...

this is funny, who were they compared to, Somalia?

iMaha said...

I'm amazed !!! to say the least :S
those days Bahrain is collecting awards every where! it looks like someone wants to update Bahrain's C.V.!!
best government website, best internet service, best best best of things that simply not true!

Ammaro said...

I wonder who actually makes these decisions? to give out the awards, I mean?

Redbelt said...

You beat me to it Ammar.
This is pure, grade A, B.S.



The smell of fresh manure in the morning!

Anonymous said...

((the best Internet service provider))

Define BEST here !!

Anonymous said...

why the surprising now ? isnt our Bu3ly won the thing ! nothing is more tha that !

Anonymous said...


Lets looks at tis a moment:

1) Batelco is the ONLY ISP in Bahrain.
2) There is no # 2 ISP in Bahrain
3) No other ISP entered the category for "Best ISP in the Middle East".
3) Ergo, Batelco is the # 1 ISP in Bahrain.

Anonymous said...

what a load of crap!

Anonymous said...

I've come to this conclusion:

Bahrain's internet penetration is roughly 50% of Bahrain's homes. Let's say 90% of these homes are provided by Batelco and the other 10% from Orbit and other satellite services.

now 90% from 50% is a lot so Batelco has the most customers and anywhere in the world

most customers=best service=more customer satisfaction=best internet provider

but not in Bahrain!

Anonymous said...

then Middle Eastern and African ISP must be in a very bad shape!

Anonymous said...

You and all the commentaries seem to be really pissed off! Just laugh about it man! It’s not worth being angry about! It’s all about who you know around there, not if you are really the best in anything! :P

Ammaro said...

its just the fact that weve been so screwed with batelco, their data limits, ridiculous prices, lousy service, and in the end they get an award! blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Anonymous said...

"this is funny, who were they compared to, Somalia?"

Please brother do not make such remarks about the brotherly nation of Somalia, It is a nation burdened with war but they are good muslim and arab brothers.Let us move forward from these hateful remarks.

But I do agree in relation to your comments about Batelco.