18 February 2008

You make the choice

Meaningless life. Mundane work. Tiring commute. Suffocating uniform. Wasted time. Dead imagination. Uninspired existence.


Passionate creativity. Satisfied self. Beneficial innovation. Realised dreams. Joyful occassions. Great achievements. Beautiful legacy.

It's your life, you make the choice.


Redbelt said...

I'll go with the first. I live uninspired existence!

No seriously, what are you getting at?

icon said...

yeah but ..
How is that?!

Anonymous said...


its all about choices


taqo said...

Well, duh :p

This is a trick question, innit?

rosh said...

Not sure if you having a semi-mid life crisis, however, I shall go with option 2, once I unshackle myself from forced labour & lifestyle :)

Shionge said...

Thank you for the timely reminder...me wanna have the zest for life :D

Shoush said...

I'd like to order the second one plz.

Coolred38 said...

I will have the first...with an occassional holiday to the second...this makes the second one so much more appealing and enjoyable...lol.

outkasty said...


Redbelt said...

Seriously dude, what the HELL are you getting at?

Eyad said...

Ammaro, just do it and get it over with, life is short.

He is coming out of the closet.

chika said...

Ammaro, Skinny Bee told me I had to read this post since I'm going through hell because of work! I would actually love to settle for both but people say it's impossible! They are both equally important so that's confusing!

ammaro said...

redbelt; what am i getting at? im just saying, you arent stuck. you could move from one to two. it sure as hell wont be easy, but if you make it, hell dude, the rewards are amazing.

icon; each person does it in their own way. its not a specific tactic you follow, its not a clear path you go on. you see where you are, you see where you want to be, and hell, you go for it.

skinny; its easy to say you want to choose the second, but what are you gonna do about it to get there?

taqo; whats with you and trick questions? no, its plain and straightforward

rosh; lol. yes, definite total midlife crisis at 27.

shionge; yup! make sure you never lose it!

shoush; would you like that with fries?

coolred; if thats your choice, thats your choice. to each his own.

outkasty; very direkt answer. lol.

redbelt; is it bothering you that much? :p

eyad; yes, i shall join your legion of the homosexuals.

chika; its not impossible, it's just pretty difficult. but it is doable, and where there's a will, theres a way.

SpitFire said...

It's a matter of choice... Every day we made choices. Some people just take the easy route because it's easy.

It's like people think that they cannot change... but we can, we just choose not to because it's easy.

moon-light7 said...

Sounds like an ad! but true nonetheless

Lone Ranger'ess said...

Which 1 have u chosen??