26 February 2008

Random Junk

Procastination loves me. I have a long list of things i'm supposd to do, and somehow that list keeps growing. I do this thing every now and then where I write all these down, and try to do them and cross them off one by one, but I end up losing the paper somewhere and completing like, one, out of ten items. Blah.

The thing is, most of them are small items that don't take much time at all to complete, such as changing a light bulb, or calling the plumber to fix something. However, I have items that i've been putting off since the beginning of February.

That's February last year. Goddamit, procastination doesn't just love me, she's actually married to me. Anybody got an idea of how to kill her off?

- Ok, besides that, anybody watch the Oscars? Wow, now there's a show. Last night I realized what my goal in life was; it's to win an Oscar. I know that I probably will not rest and will not feel satisfied with life until I manage to get one. So from today onwards, that will be my ultimate goal in life, and every action I perform from today onwards will be just another step towards having that little naked gold dude hanging up on a shelf in my living room.

- I think i've come to the conclusion that life isn't about work. Work isn't really going to get you anywhere, and don't give me that crap about 'making a living'. When was the last time you've seen a millionaire who got there by being employed? Sure, there's the odd Wall Street banker and so on but overall, jobs don't really make you money. You need to go out there and do something different, figure out a new way of making money, start a business, sell drugs, you get the point.

- I'm trying to film a short 2 minute movie. A fun action sequence. Getting all the idiots who are supposed to act in it/help film it together in one place at one time CANNOT BE THIS DAMN DIFFICULT! God. We'll try for this weekend then.

- I went to this audition thing for a TV show the other day; they didn't tell us exactly what it was but it's supposedly some sort of game show where the final prize is around 10 million Riyals. That's a little under 4 million dollars. I told all my friends that, if I win, i'm going to ignore all of them, and go out and actually buy new friends. I hope I win, because they didn't seem to take what I said lightly. Also, I swear i'm going to be the biggest bum in the world if I win, just because I can.

- Would you guys STOP SENDING ME those stupid Friends For Sale application requests on Facebook?

- I'm working on another website, you might have seen the little logo on the top left of the page (BahrainTalent). Check it out; I haven't put anything there yet besides an introduction, but right now i'm rounding up a few people to get featured. Should be fun. If you produce music, DJ or anything else, you should also check it out.

- Happy National & Liberation Days Kuwait!

- My brain is full of ideas. They're really good ones. If you're interested, i'm selling each idea for $200 dollars. Contact me for my bank details.

That's all for today.


beaverboosh said...

May the gods of creativity be with you in your media and entertainment pursuits!

عبده بيضه said...

ammaro imagine if they invented a "Do it Now" pill, we need it so desperately la? :-)

Redbelt said...

You and me should start a procrastinators club.
Just I'm busy these days. Maybe later.

eshda3wa said...

i think the 10 million hatha mal mbc george qerda7i show

used to knw a guy in uae, won 100 grand only and stopped talking to everyone
that was funny

From me n the rest of kuwait
Thank u !!

Woozie said...

You're on facebookkk? Friend a nigga!

"$200 dollars" is repetitive and redundant. Change the Grammar Jewry.

taqo said...

I wanna make some kind of short youtubesque kind of "movie" as well.
It's on the damn list.
So it's never going to happen -_-

What would I have to do to be in that Oscar acceptance speech? :D

unokhan said...

"I told all my friends that, if I win, i'm going to ignore all of them, and go out and actually buy new friends." -- lordee, there's not enuf L's on my keyboard to properly LOL that!

forgive my distant rudeness, but if the citizens of a feudal society celebrate 'liberation day', imagine how glorious with be the celebration when their plutocrats are overthrown.

KJ said...

Maybe your short two minute film can win you the Oscars then you'd be a billionaire

ammaro said...

beaverboosh; gods of creativity? dude, i AM the god of creativity!

whiteblacky; lol, im not so sure thats a good thing :p

redbelt; i wanted to call you to talk about it, but ill do it in a while.

eshda3wa; yeah, it was GK's thing. we didnt get to meet him though

woozie; that's true, but i'm stressing on the money factor here, so it has to be said twice

taqo; how? haha.. i'm trying to figure that out myself :'(

unokhan; now i dont have enough l's to lol that!

KJ; youre right! i think all my problems and all their solutions are in this one post!

coralbead said...

whaaaat? you're on facebook? well I am too. I agree with you. sometimes these net communities make friendship a more commercialized thing. some people out there collect "friends" for the sake of saying that they got 999 people on friendster, myspace, or facebook. Oh and do take a peek at my post.

Blue Ice Envy said...

If you want to avoid delaying things forever, you should put down a yearly to-do list. Include your major goals for the year and what you want to be done every month.
Then make a weekly to-do list and try to make sure you finish at least half of it.
I started mine in January 2007 and I think I'm doing pretty good for somone whose trying to catch up with about 6 years of procrastination!
Oh and this idea if free :P

Shale bin Agnon said...

We don't have a liberation day, because it would be bloody. We are a bit more 'don't mention the war' about all that.

Zainal said...

u forgot to add pimping next to drugs ... how dare u !

true , Work doesn't make you a millionaire but it makes you appreciate every single penny ...

el7amdela , we are living a good life in Bahrain comparing to others .

who doesn't want to be a millionaire !! you and i share the same ideas sometimes ;)

Make something different , and if you do , get your copy rights or whatever rights lol , you would see alot of replica after you .

P.S regarding the Million i requested , dont ask , just wire em through , u dont want the godfather get angry ;)

good luck bro .

Shionge said...

Hey we all have this little genes in us that is called Procrastination heheheh..you are not alone pal :D

icon said...

you're serious about the Oscar issue?! Then GO ALHEAD, we will be proud of you, finally a bahraini guy could do it!!
procrastination, we all have it but with different rates hehe..

What are the available ideas you have?! I won't buy fish in the sea

Anonymous said...

I wanna be a rockstar!
The Samster

Lamya said...

Did the gas guy pay you back?

moon-light7 said...

If you're really serious about getting an oscar then that's GREAT NEWS .. finally, someone started thinking big in this country!!

This 'friends for sale' thing, I don't get it either! silly really..

moon-light7 said...

About this:
"I think i've come to the conclusion that life isn't about work. Work isn't really going to get you anywhere"

I've actually been trying to explain this to ppl around me for so long. They just don't seem to get the point! not until they become really old & see for themselves that they haven't gotten anywhere yet!! t's all about money, money, money.