2 February 2008

Criminal Thoughts

He came back home, exhausted after a long day at work, and made his way to the sofa. He slumped down, looked up at the ceiling as his head rested on a cushion, thinking, wondering. How far could he go if he chose to live a path of crime, instead?

Crime usually pays well, he thought; whether it's a drug dealer making 200% profit on whatever they put in, or using intricate knowledge of a banks' system to undetectedly transfer money into their account, or stealing people's credit card numbers, buying expensive items online and selling them for cheap. There's a hundred other ways, and hell, they all pay well.

He continued to think; most crime is committee by your average person, not necessarily someone with any real outstanding achievements, a high IQ, or even a good education. Sure, some are, but in general it didn't take any sort of specific level of intelligence or skill to make a payoff out of crime. So he wondered; with an above average level of intelligence, putting his superior mental talents to use being overworked in a normal paying job didn't really do it for him. He want thousands, hundreds of thousands. He wanted millions. He knew he could get them, if he pursued them illegally. Legally, there wasn't much of a chance unless he become CEO of a large company sometime soon (not very likely) or won some sort of lottery (even less likely).

So how about it? He could use his genius mind for evil, and make millions in the process. He could steal banks' money, undetected. He can fool people into giving him their money, only to realize they've been ripped off after he was long gone. He can do so much, and yes, it would pay, and pay well.

So what was stopping him? Was it the law? He could twist the law, fool the law, and be above the law. Was it a moral dilemma? The society he was in seemed to reward the rich, not the poor. What was a moral stand, really? Following an unjust society?

What was stopping him from fulfilling all his dreams?


citizen of the world said...

A personal sense of ethics and a desire not to sink to the lowest level, maybe? Millions won't bring you happiness - wanting what you have brings you happiness.

Maya // مايا said...


You heard me- laziness. Nothing else can stand on his way :) Knowing my dear Ammro I gotta say he's one heck of a lazy bugger :P *giggles*

Ps. How can you make loads of money by buying expensive stuff online and selling for cheap?

Redbelt said...

Because I'm lawful good. If you never played D&D, then I'll have to rephrase that.
I am cursed with following laws and what is deemed right, for I think it is the proper way to go, and that a lesser man would tread another route.
I am perfectly sure I can do amazing crimes in Bahrain. Who's gonna stop me?

msb73 said...

you're not getting my money, fool! back off! :P

Coolred38 said...

the only thing stopping people from accomplishing something...is fear of failure...better to not try then try and fail...then be known as a failure. We can live with our delusions...but fact and proof as harder to swallow.

Zainal said...

I'll have to agree somehow with
"citizen of the world" and drop the rest .
i sometime get back home from work exhausted , stressed out , deadly tired , and think , am i going to do this for the rest of my life ?

I'll tell ya that all the evil thoughts came across my mind , yet at the end the good one in me thinks morally and chooses not to, cuz thats definitely wont bring me happiness , that is hurting & fooling people to be happy that is IF money would bring me happiness .

that should answer your question unless you have a funny twist in the plot !!

Shionge said...

Crime doesn't pay ;)

moon-light7 said...

Umm .. his concious probably

or the fact that he might one day be cought & all his so called dreams will turn into an ugly nightmare!

plus, no one is above the law! & no, i'm not talking about ppl's law.

Canc3riaN said...

9aaaa7eb '6ameeeeeer !! ;)

*Applause* :P

unokhan said...

was gonna say "what is it with semitic people and banking and imaginary money and paper economies?" till i remembered the (remorseless?) chinese are about to plow everybody under