7 February 2008

Blowing Up a City

Don't you love the creativity of some people? Geoffrey Fryatt, a resident of the city of Brisbane, Australia, lost most of his life-savings in a fraud carried out by his financial advisor. This drove him over the edge, and so the guy decided to drown out his woes with a few drinks.

Well, after (more than a) few drinks, ol' Geoffrey decides to get all terroristic, and goes out in the street with a knife and the detonator to a large store of chemical bombs, horrifying neighbours and screaming out "One push of the button will blow up half of Brisbane!"

Freaky. So the police are called in with the elite paramilitary force, wishing and hoping that they could bring him down before he could press the button on the detonator and cause horrible destruction to their lovely city. After a very tense stand-off, the police finally opened fire with rubber bullets, knocked out the detonator, and saved the day.

Did they find the store of chemical bombs, however?


Because the 'detonator' was actually a TV remote.



eshda3wa said...


no freaking way

Romston said...

"One push of the buttons CTRL+ALT+DEL will blow up half of Brisbane!"


'Grey' said...

I don't see creativity , i think its common in USA . It's like you don't want to commit suicide ( and go to hell) so you get killed by cops in a freak show !

Creative ? No .. Suicidal? Yes !

moon-light7 said...


Sunshine said...

gotta love a drunk aussie

ammaro said...

eshda3wa; yes freaking way!

romson; and sooner or later, my cell phone can launch a nuclear rocket

grey; its creative enough to be able to get the army in over a tv remote

moonlight; whats xd?

sunshine; im sure you get more than enough of them :D

CG said...

sheesh. you still talking about tvs?

Zainal said...

creative it is ...