24 February 2008

A Frustrated Hillary

Barack Obama has won 11 primaries and caucuses in a row, diminishing Hillary Clinton's chances of a victory. She still has a chance, mind you, if she wins both the upcoming Ohio and Texas primaries. Overall, however, the future doesn't look too bright for her, as both of these races seem pretty close.

So what do you do, when you feel in a moment of frustration? Lash out at the next candidate, of course; and so in a vicious attack, Hillary desperately tries to pursuade the people that Obama is, infact, an evil little liar. Nice. Way to get the people to get the people to warm up to you.

Look, you can almost see the horns sticking out of the top of her head.

But either way, stupid move, Mrs Not-President, stupid move. Even if you are going head to head against Barack, you're not supposed to show this sort of hostility. You're not credible, in the sense of talking crap about your opponent. Get your party to do the dirty work for you, while you go out there and smile, dammit, smile! Oh well.

Shame on you, Barack Obama? Didn't you hear the Akon song, Hillary? You're supposed to take the blame!

Obama '08 then, I guess.


Maya // مايا said...

I'm more interested in the message she relayed- she has my support :)

The horns merely hold the halo up.

deonna kelli sayed said...

As an American living here in Bahrain, I am so bummed out about the whole election. If you are an American, your life doesn't change much if Democrat or Republican sits in the office. If you live in the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc, the American Presidency can affect every little corner of your. So do I vote on domestic issues or foreign policy? Sadly, neither Hillary nor Obama are visionaries when it comes to this part of the world. What a bummer! The War on Terror is slowly bleeding the US dry. Some US scholars now refer to the "US as Superpower" in past tense!

Grey said...

She screwed USA'ns with her health care plan while Bill was President , she will screw everyone else if she becomes the President... i'd like to see Obama Vs Gandalf McCain...

Enigma said...

So who has a better chance at defeating the Republicans, the woman or the black man?

rosh said...

Poor Mrs Clinton - desperate times call for desperate measures, perhaps she must check in on the desperate housewives and take on a mean trick or two ha!

ammaro said...

maya; her message sucked. shes obviously frustrated, and although i'm not a total obama supporter (nader 08!), shes steering her campaign the wrong way. totally.

deonna; yep. but then again, the american voters don't really care about the consequences for this region, right? and why should they? their economy is in a mess, and the situation is a little tight. fair enough; they want a president who can fix their country, not other regions.

grey; i personally dont think the republicans are getting in there. no way. its a pure hillary vs obama race.

enigma; with the momentum he's been gaining, it looks like obama. my theory, however, is to focus on who his vice president is. thats because he's going to get shot pretty soon after getting elected.

rosh; the whole thing is totally out of her hand. she screwed up big time.