23 February 2008

How to Become a Rock Star

"I have known some bitter people in my life who never did what they wanted to do, and I didn't wanna be that person." — Jonathan Coulton

A very inspiring story of a person whose decided they've had enough with their day to day job, quit, and pursued their dream of becoming a rockstar in a little under a year.

How to Become a Rock Star

Beautiful. Ok guys, anyone feel like quitting with me?


bint battuta said...


Romston said...

Ahaha j'aime bien ce post ! :)

taqo said...

He's lucky :|

Lord Omar said...

Being a rock star is not all that it's cracked up to be. Trust me.

Romston said...

How to become a rock star ?

By doing "Air Guitar" lol !


Coolred38 said...

My son got his first guitar for his bday in Oct last year...he has mastered a few songs all ready...I figure it wont be long before he has many adoring fans and I have a lifestyle in which I want to become accustomed too...lol. Its only a matter of time....hee hee.

Redbelt said...

I'd love to quit and be a professional videogame player.
Fatal1ty did that. Google him.

Hasan said...

haha - if you're doing it, i will too!

Lone Ranger'ess said...

ive given up on the big picture a Looong time ago; meaning, ull find me waiting for u at the other end should u choose to do so.

ammaro said...

bint; sure is, doesnt it make you want to quit?

romston; im glad t'aime le post. or something.

taqo; luck has nothing to do with it! he knew what he wanted, and hell, did he get it!

lord omar; better than being a software engineer though, im sure

romston; cool stuff

coolred; sure! and when you finally become rich and famous, remember your good ol' friend ammaro

redbelt; 'you'd love' and 'you're doing somethign about' are two totally different things.

hasan; great! i have someone. oh wait, you're not working though! no no no. i need someone who has something to lose! sorry!

lone; ill see you when i get there!