17 February 2008


Quick weekend in Dubai, some pics, few words:.




Ugliest doll in the world. Seriously.

More traffic:

Drive slowly? Really?

Hip shaking African Dude:

Chinese Section, Global Village:

Vietnamese Goods:

Nice towel:

And yep, you guessed it, more traffic:


Eyad said...

Did you manage to catch the Santana Gig?

Princess said...

the dolls are weirdly adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

is Dubai still expensive (hotels)? I mean what would a weekend set you back for?

ammaro said...

eyad; nah, wasn't there for santana. just wanted a change of scenery and a bit of relaxation by the pool and stuff.

princess; ehehe... no.. they're freaky dude

anon; was supposed to go to emirates towers, but due to some twist of circumstance ended up staying at Novotel world trade center, it was 1800dhs (about US$480) per night.

Anonymous said...

the traffic is busy like always!! glad you had fun :) welcome back!

'Grey' said...

Man ! that Doll is scary , right out from Lucifer's cabinet.

Maya // مايا said...

You're in serious trouble. Seriously. You better thank St. Coochie Coochie or whatever coconut shell you pray to that I ain't close cos I'm going to kill you. Oh yeah. We have issues!

Maya // مايا said...

Btw.. I don't know where my baby Amr is.. Yeah, my teddybear! Did you pawn my fur&blood at that evil toystore from hell?! You got some serious explaining to do mister.

Shionge said...

Lots of colours and lights ya.....thanks for sharing. Ugly doll indeed ;OD

Redbelt said...

Welcome back.
I tried to catch the Santana gig, but I found out that it was sold out 5 days ago.
I cried.
I spent the rest of the days in freaking malls. I pity me.

white tulip said...

its hot ihate it
but iliked the cars:P

Princess Ambiguous said...

I love ugly cuddly toys, I feel like no one else will love them so I have to buy them and love them... love of the underdog and all!

rosh said...

This is not Dubai, is it? I was born, there I should knoe :( Don't recognize any of the pictures or locations. What is that first mall? and who are all these people causing traffic jams?

rosh said...

Nice pics by the way - thanks.

KJ said...

Sunny congested Dubai :)