18 November 2007

Stuck in the Middle

Our very own favourite party-starter, Ahmadinejad, visited Bahrain yesterday. If you noticed helicopters around, road blocks, or riot police stationed around various areas of Manama yesterday, now you know why.

Anyhow, the Iranian president met with our own King Hamad, and discussed strengthening economic ties between our countries, the current crisis in the Gulf, and kicking out the US from the region.

Now it's this last point I want to focus on; i've always considered Ahmadi as the fun-loving type; he's been known for taunting the US, pushing them to the brink of war, and then backing up and saying all he wants is peace with that huge smile he's well famous for. He's done this numerous times, and it's something a little like watching a comedy show.

History between Iran and America hasn't been great recently. Since the days of the hostage crisis at the US Embassy in Iran, there's been a whole lot of tension between the two countries, and it's finally reached the point where we are at the brink of war.


I really don't understand Ahmadi; he's either totally naive, or very, very clever; he can't be in between. I mean, he talks of brushing America away as if they were a little bit of dust settled on his desk, rather than the biggest military power in the world. Is he pushing for a war? Does he believe America is at its weakest point right now, with a huge budget deficit, a number of wars going on in different places and hardly the ability to sustain another one in Iran? Or perhaps that the American people have had enough of war and are against any notion by the White House to launch another one?

Or perhaps he really does believe Iran can totally wipe out America. And Israel. And everyone else who dares attack them.

Don't get me wrong; Iran is a very formidable force. The Iranians are well known to be ferocious fighters who will put up one hell of a fight. And if it does happen, this war will probably shock the world; we are definately in for a few suprises.

War seems inevitable, from the US standpoint. From the Iranian standpoint, it seems like nothing will happen. Either way, we're stuck here in the middle wondering what the hell is going to happen over the next few months.

What are your thoughts?


Something to think about: for those who used to watch cartoons back in the 80's/early 90's, remember Adnan wa Lina (Conan, Boy of the Future)? I loved that cartoon; it was basically the world after the third world war, which was pretty much completely destroyed... The introduction started off with saying "World War 3 started in the year 2008..."


N. said...

The situation here is that there is always something hidden from the public, we can speculate all we want, but in truth only those in power know the truth of things, especially decisions on what to do.

For the sake of speculating, Ahmadi is smart. He understands that the U.S. can't afford a reckless war again, neither will the world stand for it. The U.S. doesn't want to lose popularity either, or else they will surly be in a huge pinch. They are simply either planning or hoping for a way to go in and have the world support them.

From an economic standing, if a war should erupt in Iran, the oil prices will most probably DOUBLE again! This is SERIOUS not only for the U.S. but for other countries that depend on oil as a means of living! The rise in oil prices will cause a near world wide inflation. Don't you think so? This is just bad, so unless they can control that there will be no war.

Anonymous said...

I believe that he is a very smart fellow, and is playing good mind games with the USA. His defiance to them will only lead the middle eastern societies to unite and be one, so we can rid ourselves from the USA. America is falling down, and its about time. Other superpowers have emerged now, and they are being crushed by the competition. Iran, like China and India is to be the next emerging superpower. America is afraid of losing its control over the earth, and that is why they fear him. Once we switch to nuclear energy, we won't need them for most things. And if we also have nuclear arms, it will mean that we aren't fighting with one hand tied behind our backs and no weapons at all.

Every empire falls, its the USA's turn.


Um Naief said...

i don't think anything will happen. i think it's a war of words and will stay that way for a while.

i think this guy is a bit crazy, and possibly believes that iran can wipe out the u.s. and israel.

i think ppl like this are really dangerous and it makes me sick that he was here in bahrain kissing ass and they kissed back!! but... isn't that what usually happens in the govt?!! it's what i saw on a daily basis!

'Grey' said...

For me its like political WWE where noisy wrestlers blabber while McMohan has the real power . I just google "Iran real power" and the answer is obivious ! Ahmedi is here today ! gone tomorrow! ( infact his popularity in Iran is worse than GWB in US) ... In my opinion the real powers are just waiting for transition so the the tension can be fused . ....
But i like Ahamadi ... i like his vocabulary like "run away train , wipe out, final answer " .... Real entertainment !

eshda3wa said...

i just like his cute smile
and the wrinkles around his eyes :)

as for politics.... i just dont want a bomb falling on my family

other than that they can run around in circles all they want.

and i think hes really really smart

Yagoob's Dome said...

Ammar are you predicting another American civil war?
"History between the US and America hasn't been great recently"

Ahmedi is just tickling Bush's balls and pinching the GCC's asses

But could he start a war? Maybe in 5-10 years

ammaro.com said...

N; i believe he's smart, but i'm lost on what he's trying to do exactly. anyway, we'll see how it goes... and yes, prices will skyrocket

ADM; thats just the regular cycle of civilzations. Most are born, grow and rule around 200-300 years then die out. The US has reached its peak and its on the downhill now

Um Naief; who knows! both sides are nuts

grey; yup. he does make me laugh

eshda3wa; he looks a lot less scarier than he sounds, right? :)

Yagoob; Ah Blubber.

Um Naief said...

not sure how anyone could look at this guy and find him attractive or like the way his eyes look at the wrinkles around them.

when i look at him, he looks like nothing but a crazed maniac...

but i guess when ppl see bush, they see the same. altho, i will say this, i don't think bush is as crazy as this guy! i don't like the guy, but i still think he's much saner.

A.K said...

Atleast I can give him respect for actually standing upto the American Lords! Look at us, Pakistanis and the MiddleEast, we have made the Americans our gods. And look at the audacity with which we bow to them. And still we don't feel ashamed!
Everyone's going to blame Iran if war happens, but did we do anything for the people of Afghanistan or Iraq KNOWING THAT THE CASUALTIES WERE MAINLY OF INNOCENT CIVILLIANS!
We, call ourseleves Muslims, and yet cannot do anything but sit and relax in our limited circles, and see the world being torn apart. We sit back and accept ISrael. because otherwise we would have to move our lazy and indulgent selves and DO something...
It's high time we realize where the heck are we going...