7 November 2007

If anyone can, ammaro can! (with the help of Canon)

Continued from the last post;

Just got a new camera, a Canon D400 (Digital Rebel XTi). I love this little thing! Took a few shots after leaving the office today just to show you what this baby can do. Click on the images for a bigger size:

Bahrain Financial Harbor, World Trade Center; Manama

Moayyed Tower, Seef Area:

City Center under construction on the left, with Seef Area in the background

Moayyed Tower, Ahli United Bank and Bahrain National Holdings; Seef Area

Whatcha think?


Ria said...

ei, cool. nice shots! bahrain seems lovely. been wanting to upgrade my 300d for ages now... still saving up for it. ;)

i*maginate said...

wow!!! cool baby! did ya name it? how fast does it go? Oh....it's a camera! :P

Suuuuper shots!

Nikon said...

Really great shots - I'd love to have an SLR; Canon or Nikon.
Thanks for your visit to Hemingway - I left an explanation there about the blog.

Semaj said...

wow, those are some nice pictures. I really like the last one with warm colors over the skyline. Nice capture there.

Missy said...

ooh u got it :( yal na7ees! i want one =.= yalla next month get cool lenses :P

Bride To-Be said...

They're really good!
I most like the 1st one. its so peaceful .. u can almost hear the sound of waves..
Good job!

Shoush said...

Aywa, kash5a. Nice, i like. La, la.. mostaqbalik moshrik inshala. ;)

Shoush said...


Woozie said...

Great success. Jagshemash!

Keshi said...

ur a good photographer! I love the Harbor pics..Bahrain is BEAUTIFUL!


Tee said...

These are beautiful. You should offer them as desktop wallpaper. I really love the third one down. The lighting is amazing. Is that sunset?

ammaro.com said...

ria; save up and buy a good lens or two instead :D but yeah, its an amazing cam

imaginate; you know, i think ill name her imaginate! and she goes as fast as 1/4000th of a second

nikon; you really should get one! since youre called nikon, get a D40

semaj; thanks! they took quite a bit of effort to get right!

missy; 7ara :p i already got the regular 18-55 f3.5/5.6, and i got an extra 50mm f/1.8, but definately getting some more soon :p

bride; thanks! that was actually a pretty tough shot to get right :p

shouq; thanks thanks :p

woozie; hai faive!

keshi; more coming soon :)

tee; good idea, something to consider! anyway for now, if you want, lemme know and ill send you whichever ones you want for wallpaper :) yes, its at sunset

KJ said...

Nice dude.

For the first photo, it is a bit out of focus, bas great first shots man. Well dome.

Get a tripod. You need it for night shots.

Redbelt said...

I hate BNH. That ruined it for me.

Anonymous said...

cool pics :)

Shionge said...

I think it is really nice :D

Shoush said...

Did u jus call me "shouq"?

ammaro.com said...

kj; i have two tripods lol, just not with me when i took these. i was just playing around with the cam to see what i can do

redbelt; umm... ok... ill try not to photograph anything to do with BNH next time for your pleasure

amu/shionge; thx :)

shouSH; umm........ no no, i didnt. you must have heard me wrong :p

ColOman said...

I like how the light appears on the 3rd pic...... did you play with the photo to enhance the colors...?

Anonymous said...

wow! amazing!

I liked the last one ;)

good job bro

moon-light7 said...

Wow :D This camera is coooool, I was considering buying a Canon a while ago. Bellissimo!

Lulwa said...

The pictures you've taken are beautiful and it made me miss Bahrain so much.
In reply to your comment on one of my blog entries: Even though I'm narrating a true story, you have opened my eyes by leaving that comment... Thank you. Although it may have sounded simple, it's just good to be reminded of things like that from time to time. Us human beings are very forgetful creatures.
Enjoy your camera!

palo-girl said...

luvin it

Shoush said...

Ya, i must hav. :P

Anonymous said...

amazing! Guess it's modes are awesome :)

Funaki said...

Love the shots man. Awesome Work.

Quite a nice camera you got there.