12 November 2007

Road Warriors

Hopeless. There was no way he was going to make it to the office on time today, after seeing the horrendous amount of cars lining up infront of him. The scene was sort of scary, actually, conjuring images of people running away from a major disaster of sorts, or some sort of Hollywood movie apocalypse.

But there was no disaster to run away from here; it was just another regular day, another rush hour, and through turning from the small peaceful lane near his house onto the main highway, daunting traffic greets him, assuring him that his stay won't be a short and pleasant one.

The traffic edges forward slowly, inch by inch, it seems. He knows that it's almost two miles until the next main traffic light, which has probably caused this bottleneck, and he recaps the events of this morning and curses why it took him so long to leave the house.

It didn't matter now though; he was on the right-most lane trying to penetrate the slow moving queue of vehicles. He spots a little gap between an old Caprice and a pickup truck, and attempts to turn into it. The Caprice owner, a fifty-something with what seemed like a bald spot and a short temper, pretends he doesn't see him and makes a quick step for the gas, cutting off any space possible for him to overtake.

"So you wanna play it that way?", he thought, and decided this reaction by Mr. Baldy here is going to end in full-blown confrontation. The traffic was at a standstill, so he slowly edged his car forward to the front end of the Caprice, who in return also edged forward to block any way in, and waited calmly like a ticking bomb. As soon as the pickup truck moved he immediately forced down the gas pedal catapulting himself forward and slammed the brakes, wedging himself right in between the pickup and the Caprice (who also rammed the gas pedal, but not fast enough). He pretended he didn't see the Caprice owner either, even though the latter had started blowing his horn in rage and waving his arms around.

"Haha, don't even think of messing around with me" he quietly chuckled to himself. "I OWN these roads." Still, he had so far moved approximately five meters from where he had started, and the traffic was still at a dead stop.

He looked around, the sky seemed so blue, and somehow he wished he was all the way up there, preferably in a helicopter flying far away over the congestion. But here he was, a pickup truck infront, a big school bus to his left, and Mr. Angry right behind him. The pickup started to move, yes, finally seems the traffic light upfront had opened up, and things started to slowly flow. Other cars started coming in from the rightmost lane, to merge with the flow the same way he did; he let the occasional one in, and sped up and blocked whenever one he didn't like tried to force it's way in.

"Funny this whole traffic thing", he thought to himself. "How these people struggle and fight to get a few inches ahead, when in reality there's a long way to go making whatever effort they put in relatively useless". But that's just how the people were. As the line moved and stopped, moved and stopped, he noticed a car in his rear-view stitching it's way through the stopped vehicles. A new Lexus, with a young driver wearing a red baseball cap (probably a spoiled brat), screeched it's brakes as it switched from right to left lanes and stopped directly behind him. This lane stopped, so it cut to the the left lane again, and kept going, slithering it's way between the traffic.

A little lady passed by in her Camry, calm and quiet, in the lane next to him. He admired the way she looked, so at peace, innocent, and somehow naive to the road rage filling the other cars in this jam.

"Perfect opportunity", he thought, and slammed the gas pedal and overtook her, as her lane started moving again. Unfortunately, in his haste he forgot to look and see whether the car infront of him was moving, and crashed directly into it's back.

"Oh shoot", he thought. "This is gonna be a long day."


Desert-Roses said...

i read previous topics for u..u seem to hate that damn traffic thingies..allah ye3enk...I bet ur obssessed :P

hey think posotively...!!!

what is the good thing about traffic in the morning??

I have no idea!!!

lama I find an answer I will tell you...so far remember my words every time ur stuck in traffic and smile :p

Anonymous said...

hahaha this has to be the most accurate description of everyday traffic i have ever read! but you know who really suffers in this scenario? the guy behind him! not only does he have to wait for traffic to move, now he has to deal with one less lane! Great entry, keep it up! =)


NewMe said...

very witty!
i must admit that since i managed to shift my working +1hr, i have been blessed =)
it is important that i don't get stressed before reaching work & i make sure to maintain my morning ritual to survive the rest of the day!
A traffic jam is one thing that could miss-up my whole system!
enjoyed the reading
with lotsa luv

Jay Cam said...

lol the fight to get nowhere begins there!

curse that old lady! she deliberately made the guy crash... part of the massive scheme of the elderly!
: )

Tracy said...

This is such great writing!

Are you participating in NanoWriMo?


Zhu said...

I once drove downtown Paris and thought I was going to die.

I'm lucky, traffic isn't too bad in Canada despite the bumpy roads, destroyed every year by the snow and the salt.

Good thing I guess... most people have huge SUV and it could do some damage.

ammaro.com said...

desert-rose; yes! only because the situation seems to get more ridiculous by the day in this country! it used to take me a max of 20 mins to get to the furthest point, now the shortest ride to somewhere is half an hour :S

Shihaby; its messed up isn't it

newme; ah, i wish i could work 2 hours later (and leave work 2 hours earlier as well :p)

jay; huge old people conspiracy, you think?

tracy; no, but will check it out :) thx

zhu; at least we dont have ice and snow on our roads! that would probably kill of half of our population the way they drive! :p

Notes from behind the bike shed said...

kinda reminds me of that old disney cartoon with goofy transmogrifying from a nice guy into a monster once he gets behind the wheel...there could be a short story in this post, y'know...

meeemo said...

so true !!

lucky for me my exit is seef district :) i don't have to deal with diplomatic area traffic every morning ...

Anonymous said...

smiling faces? what smiling faces?

NewMe said...


ammaro.com said...

notes; wahahahaha yeah! i remember that! man, i miss those old goofy cartoons :D

meemo; lucky you!

anon; umm.. what are you talking about?

newme: wellll... maybe just a little ;)

palo-girl said...

just another morning, aye?

Anonymous said...

hehehe ammar, dear fella just thinking about what desert-roses said about smiling when stuck in traffic.

KJ said...

Man do like me... I am now practicing running, and inshalla by next year I will be able to run the distance between my house and the office :D

40 KM