23 November 2007

Oh, the Irony

This is when you know the judge who came out with the sentence needs to be given a good public beating. So as the story goes, there once was a child molester, a pedophile, a person who likes to abuse children. Police caught him and put him on trial.

Fair enough right?

So the sentence should perhaps include some jail time, or maybe a sort of fine. But sentencing him to community service IN A KINDERGARTEN? That's like telling a drug abuser to stop using, then giving him $1,000 and sending him over to the drug dealer. That's like telling a fat boy to go on a diet and then locking him up inside a cake shop. That's like... Oh, I could go on forever...

Pedophile allowed to work in kindergarten
Thu Nov 15, 10:10 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) - A convicted pedophile sentenced to do community service in a German kindergarten will return to court next week to face charges of abusing two children there, a regional prosecutor's office said Thursday.

The man was allowed to work as a janitor at the Evangelical Kindergarten St Petri in Melle, near the northern city of Osnabrueck, because a court worker missed three prior pedophilia convictions on his record, said Alexander Retemeyer, spokesman for the Osnabrueck prosecutor's office.

The man, identified only as A.B., had been sentenced to 720 hours of community service earlier this year for working on the sly while collecting welfare payments.

"The colleague didn't pay attention and didn't see he had a sexual conviction, so she allowed him to serve in a kindergarten," Retemeyer said. "She didn't read the file."

The prior convictions date from 1988-1990, when the man was living in the former East Germany, Retemeyer said. Though the convictions are listed in the man's criminal record, the details are unclear because prosecutors cannot access his East German police file.

Police arrested the man in April after the head of the kindergarten reported he had fondled himself in front of two children.

So, Mr. Judge; didn't it ever occur to you that he might actually ENJOY his sentence? Wow. That's like, all sorts of stupid.


MSB said...

talk about adding fuel to the fire! i bet he had a field day when he was sentenced!

Bahraini Diva said...

Is that for real?! I mean come on!!! Whats happening to this world?!!
How come a monster like that even live a normal life? He should be in a mental hospital or locked in jail forever

Shoush said...

Min 9ijhom? This must be a joke.

eshda3wa said...

oh my GOD!!
that idiot judge!
now two kids will forever be scarred because of that stupid judge!
he should be sentenced to jail too!

Redbelt said...

There is normal everyday Stupid, which is irritating.
And unique, one of a kind, STELLAR stupid.
What I would have given to be in that court room when he passed the sentence. I'd really love to know how he reached it!

KJ said...

So you too do read the odd news section :P hihihi

Man crime does pay sometimes

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the recent ruling here in Bahrain where the judge deemed a pedophile as having a mental condition that made him attracted to children sexually & then reduced his jail sentence to 1 year!!! Duh, isn't this why he should be locked up for life! It's a proven fact that the majority of pedophiles can't be rehabilitated & Bahrain will be releasing this one back on the streets in less than 6 months from now. Keep an eye on your kids people!

I think these people are the scum of the earth & should be either castrated or given the death sentence. How dare they harm and take the innocence of a child!

Um Naief said...

i applaud you for writing about this.... BUT...

what about the child molesters in bahrain that are getting away w/ murder????!!!!!

what about that guy just recently that got 5 yrs and then had his sentenced reduced to 1 yr??? he'll be back on the street in no time to molest kids again... i guarantee it.

there is no cure for this. yes, the attorney got him off on the fact that he's seriously ill, and he is. but.. in order to stop him, what do you do?

lock him away? cut off his .... eeee hmmmmm.... they say it works... maybe that should be the punishment for his kind!!

i would hope that ppl like you and MANY OTHERS would stand up and fight for children's rights and keep child preditors away from small kids. once they hurt them, the child will never be the same... NEVER. you are scarred for life and carry it w/ you until the end of time.

Coolred38 said...

I have written many letters to the GDN here in Bahrain highlighting just this issue concerning rapists and pedophiles. There is no justice for victims here...its all for the predator. Im assuming these judges that makes these stupid and illogical rulings have never had a member of their family raped or had them abused by a pedophile(thank God)....or maybe they actually have underlying sympathies with such animals? What other explanation could there be for such leniency?

palo-girl said...

i say the judge was high

Um Naief said...

i think these ppl are sick and have some type of sick sympathy for such savages. it's sickening... and WHY bahrainis aren't out protesting this instead of all the other crap they protest about is beyond me. goes to show what ppl care about....

and it's NOT children!

manutdfanatic said...


Co-incidentally, I'm reading a book on the very same subject; it's called 'Perfect Match' by Jodi Picoult, a good read.

I can't say enough on the subject of the poor victims of "mistakes" like this one here. It gets my blood boiling every single time.

ammaro.com said...

msb; can you picture the smile on his face? its like a reward rather than a sentence...

diva; i dont think jail or a mental institute are enough punishment for something like this...

shoush; nope. we really have people this stupid upholding the law.

eshda3wa; the parents of the children should sue the judge. and the molestor should be locked up in isolation. for ever.

redbelt; you know what, these cases seem to increase by the day. its the new norm.

kj; yes, i check it out sometimes :p

anon; yes, that's pretty disturbing. but look at the agenda behind it. either the person accused had some sort of connection, or knew someone who pulled some strings for a shorter sentence.. corruption at its finest.

umnaief; yes, it scars them and basically destroys their life. unfortunately the system here is so corrupt that the molestors hardly get anything they deserve...

coolred; i really dont know, and unfortunately the fact that this sort of thing has no real strict consequnce, these people have nothing to demotivate them from such behavior

palo; i say the judge should be shot!

umnaief2; people's priorities are all twisted here. everything is wiped under the table as if there is no crime, no shame, nothing wrong in this 'society of virtue'. people dont want to acknowledge that it happens.

manutd; its very sad, and perhaps i'll check out the book. thanks

Coolred38 said...

Having said all of that about how the predator gets off lightly...after 20 years in Bahrain i have yet to understand the mentality of blaming the victim...especially girls...for sex crimes committed against her. She is the one with the ruined reputation...she is the one not :good enough for marriage:...she is the one seen as loose or deserving of what she got. I just dont get it and I would assume that has a great deal to do with why more girls dont come forward and bring cases against their abusers....whats in it for them...certainly not justice.