30 November 2007


Backing up is good. After losing data a number of times, I figured that keeping a copy of your files on a spare CD/DVD is always a good idea, so I started doing that around 1999 (almost 8 years ago).

Since then, i've managed to backup tons of data over the years, and stored most of these in the basement at home. Last week, I formatted my laptop (damn viruses!) and brought out some of my backup CD's to see what they have on them.

Needless to say, I found lots of old photos, notes, files and so on, dating back a good eight years ago. Dammit; So much has happened since then.

Anyway, back then, I was in college, and being a natural genius, I couldn't pay much attention in class. Why, you ask? Well, sitting there and listening to a teacher explain something was way too simple for me, and my mind needed more stimulation to make sure it functioned at an efficient level. So, I drew on the tables.

Yup; no matter what class you went to in the American University of Sharjah back around 1999/2000, you would see doodles and scribbles of cars and vehicles. My own little piece of art. I'm sure they're gone now, though.

But also, back then, I also owned one of the first digital cameras in the market. It was an Acer, boasting a whopping 0.3 megapixels, no flash, and enough memory to hold an astounding 12 photos. Wow.

Anyway, just for your pleasure, i'm posting a bit of my 'artwork' from back then, taken by my technically advanced camera (well, for it's time anyway). Enjoy:

All done with ball-point pens. Cool eh?

Half of a customized Jeep

Problems of lowering a car too much, and underneath, in red, me trying to publicize my (old) email and hoping some girls would email. Ahhhhhh blubber. I don't do that anymore. Promise.

This was the car I wanted back in college (ie, convertible Stang)

Another customized jeep, and check out the cell-phone! Whoa. Like, total retro, duuuude.

More crap.

And yet, more crap.

I guess I must have some sort of ADD. I can never focus on any sort of lecture without my mind drifting off to doodle here and there...


Anonymous said...

WAW such an artist!!

Um Naief said...

tsk, tsk, tsk... doodling on a desk!!! good thing the teacher didn't see that! ;)

you have skill tho. great job.

Jundi said...

good stuff .. i used to do the same but not on the desk .. in my notebook .. although i was notorious for drawing palestinian flags/maps on desks hehe ..

i posted some of my doodles on my blog a while back .. if ur interested go to my blog and type "daily doodle" in the search field :)

Confessions of a moody crab said...

lol @ 0.3 mega pixel! Wow...how time flies I used to draw (more like scribbling) my name and the name of my lastest crush in a big heart shape. Fun times...see why I want to be 17 again?

Confessions of a moody crab said...

Oh, I just saw the cell phone! Omg...lmao!!

manutdfanatic said...

Heheh. Creative.

"trying to publicize my (old) email and hoping some girls would email."
And I thought you had more dignity than that. :P

www.maitham.ws said...

no hand workin ..

no mind working ..

that's me :D

Jay Cam said...

lol those are awesome!
i am surprised teachers didnt notice!

eshda3wa said...

wallah not bad doodling

bs shame on u for vandalizing public property!

Anonymous said...

wooooooow, do you sale these paints ?!
it looks like in uob haha !!

Ria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ria said...

wow. great looking cars! seems like you're also very fond of anime. hehe.

Shoaib said...

oh krap! ur a diamond in the rough.. u have some serious skills. WAY 2 GO!

Ehsan said...

I knew you were responsible for this crap because it was on every desk... Why didn't you draw the wrangler!

Anonymous said...

aham shay the oversized tires =P

SouS said...

we used to draw our teachers on our desks in highschool, and we used to write parts of arabic poems and song (teenage saudi girls.. eh)
lol at ur mobile.. hot stuff

Merlin said...

I also recall that at one point the drawing of "$" signs got you into serious trouble with your school principal.

Sunshine said...

ur doodles are good.. mine r so bad...

ammaro.com said...

Shayoma; 7adi la? ;)

Umnaief; I think they noticed, but couldnt be assed to do anything :p and hey, why stop a good thing? my artwork rocks! :P

jundi; will check em out

confess; advanced eh? and yeah, we all want to be 17 again :(

manutd; hey! that CHANGED! :p

maitham; yup

jaycam; perhaps they secretly admired them and thats why they let me go on.

eshda3wa; not vandalizing. beautifying.

anon; wanna buy? state your price!

ria; i used to draw my own comics :p

shoaib; hell yeah! and i end up working in a bank. BLUGH!

ehsan; i did! my camera didnt have enough memory to take photos of ALL my drawings!

anon; you know it ;)

sous; show us your doodles!

merlin; it wasn't the $ that caused the problem, it was the fact that it was the first letter of $ERIAL KILLA and was spray painted really big on the wall... duh...

sunshine; i rock, you dont! waaaah

Anonymous said...

Ammar, how can a Nissan Patrol 3 door with huge wheels be a lowrider? And look at all the riced up cars!


KJ said...

You were in AUS!!!!!!!




I contributed to the doodles LOOOOOOOOOOOOL ... in which buildings are these? I can go check them for you (no they don't remove the doodles btw)

ammaro.com said...

anon; dude, in UAE, you can have a 5 inch lifted twin turbo tercel with Nos. everything is possible.

Kj; mostly the business building. and a little in the physics bldg. and the arts bldgs. and all the others.

mebtlsha said...

I've been at a lecture lately talking about these kind of sketching and graffito also,...psychiatrists have come to conclusion that any scribbles which were drawn spontaneously would probably indicate what personality u have and reveal little about ur inner feelings and so ...and from this i can say that u ought to start manufacturing of vehicles business !

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