7 November 2007

Remember? And a new Camera

I've done a little bit an update to the 80's/90's section, if you guys feel like taking a look. For those who don't know (and somehow haven't figured it out from the name), the 80's/90's section is a compilation of things that might bring back some fond memories; old cartoons, TV shows, food, drinks, places and so on.

Depending on where you are/aren't in the world, some of these may or may not be relevant to you. Enjoy!

Here's a few to whet your appetite:

I'm sure these might evoke a few memories, and maybe bring a few tears :p Check out the section for more.

On another note, I got my new camera in the mail yesterday! I ordered a Canon D400 (ie, Rebel XTi), and it took me a good day or so to put it together and figure out how to take some reasonable photos with it. I'll post some tonight ;)


Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOL! nice post wallah

dude, where did you get "Spiderman PEZ" pic? 7adah gadeem :)

sha5bareeeeeeeeee! :D

'GreY' said...

And i was under the impression that i was the only grown up child on blogsphere ! :P

Shoaib said...

aww!! miss the ol' tyms.. :-( and tat hobby :-P

Jay Cam said...

thundercats? duck tales?
ahh those were the good ol days!

and i thought cameras already came fixed together..

Desert-Roses said...

LoooL hathi awal pic ma3af esma el cartoon ..didnt expected to see it again...
bs i hadnt watched the cartoon ever..my mom thought its 3aib :p..u know what I mean...
oh! mothers!

moon-light7 said...

I've seen the 'oldies' section be4, really 3ajeeeeeeeeb;-) spent some time with my sis watching the whole thing and remembering the days when we were young....uh, went too far there didn't I! ok, we're still young.
BUT MARIO, THE GREAT OLD SUPER MARRIO, i can hear the theme in my head right now! ohhhh, such beautiful, careless, happy days we spent with him!

And congrates for the new Canon Camera:) aren't they the best!

SouS said...

hehe, now i have the ducktales theme song playing in my head, and remember picking off the stickers fromthe side of the suntop boxes and adding them to our collections!!!!
my god the good old days!

Anonymous said...

oh! Thunder cats and Captain Majid :)

I fancied the GI-JOE toy more than HE-MAN!

Oreo Madness said...

sun cola used to be waaaay better than sun top!!
ab'3aaaa :S

the ball gums marra kano YUMMY!

ayyam jameela *sigh*

Semaj said...

Yes! I had the He-man figure too, but wasnt able to get my hands on Adam ever.

Wasn't there also a set where you could buy He-man with Battlecat?

Panadol Extra said...

Ummm Great


The HOPPY Choclate Picture??


Its still there man... and i eat one each few months :D

I know... its not as common as it was.... BUT STILL ALIVE... with the same shape also..

so not really bringing any memories

otherwise... WOW.. nice collection

Tee said...

So many good memories! I *love* 80's nostalgia.

I used to watch Duck Tales every day after school. (Woo-oo!) lol

ammaro.com said...

rekoo; glad you like it, yeah i love those pez things. u know, they still have HUGE stores for them in the states?

grey; you thought wrong, my friend!

shoaib; yeah, wanna go back!

jaycam; well, the lens and the body are separate, and the memory card, and the battery and so on :p but no, i actually meant getting used to the cam, because it has like, a million different settings to set

desert; your mom thought what was 3aib :S cartoons?

moon; no you didnt! were all old and grey now! waaaaaaaaaaahh

sous; you know, i filled in so many suntop books but NEVER actually ever finished one completely :p

joel; GI Joe rocked dude!

oreo; maybe, but im sure if you taste it now you'll think, blluuuuuugggh :p

semaj; yeah! i had that one!

panadol; great! now if you can just send me a few of those through the mail........

tee; we all love em! its ridiculous! technology and DVDs and surround systems and stuff and we would stil prefer the old stuff eheh

KJ said...

Alf mabrook on your 400D... she is a babe. I have her so if you need any photography advice and lens advice please don't be shy to ask! Either on my blog or by email (email is in profile)

C'est la vie!! said...

what about SHE-RA Princess of Power?? and JEM....and Darkwing duck???

get to work mister =P~