1 May 2008

Feels Like a War Zone (2)

From the previous post.

Just some photo randomness:

Not that pretty is she? I don't see
what the fuss is all about...

Armored Police cars everywhere

Helicopters surveying the area

I saw this smog appearing and got the hell outta there...
Any idea what it was?

Police blocking off the roads

People getting pissed off
(after waiting for like 20 minutes in one place)


Anonymous said...

i don't like..

you know what? screw it, am gonna write in arabic..

ما حبيت الطريقة اللي وصفت فيها الموضوع في البوست الأولي، خليت السالفة تبيّن كأنها تطرّف من قبل مجلس النواب والشعب..

you have to admit it, she's a big slut. didn't you see the way she danced with shaggy in cairo?

وإذا محد منعها من دخول البحرين من بيمنعها، الصراحة يكفينا الفساد اللي احنا فيه، مو ناقصين بنات مفاصيخ يترقصون..

وين راح "الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر" ؟؟ كله تبخر، يعني نقعد ساكتين ونطالع البلد تتخرب؟

ويقولون البحرين بلد إسلامي، إسلامي طل ! ثلاثة أرباع شبابنا رايحه عليهم، مؤمنين بس في الجواز، وإذا سألتهم شلون تغتسلون غسل الجنابة قعدوا لك ساكتين نفس الخرفان، أعتقد سؤال أساسي وأسهل من جذي ما في..

مؤسف الحال، والله مؤسف

rosh said...

What's going on - all OK?

rosh said...

Never mind - read the post below :)

eshda3wa said...

laish kel hatha?

3asa ma shar?

Gardens of Sand said...

What upsets me most is that seemingly us Bahrainis do not know how to RESPECT ourselves and eachother. How respectful and honorable our MPs looked as they struggled to ban Haifa Wahbi from performing in Bahrain. Somebody give them badges of valor and let us appoint them as gaurdians of our honor.

How utterly presumptious and arrogant for one to think what is unacceptable to them is or should be unacceptable for all. Who are they to decide if folks should see Haifa or not.

I personally wouldn't attend her concert if paid to do so. She is a horrible singer! But that doesn't mean I should stop other people.

If Bahrainis think she is a terrible infleunce and that they don't want here in Bahrain, then no one would've bought tickets and the concert would've been a flop.

But as long as there are folks who want to go, then the opposers should shut their mouths and stay at home instead of restricting other people's liberties. Who are the MPs to decide who I should watch??? Who do the people who agree with the ban think they are? How arrogant!

It is a slippery slope, these bans and restrictions. Today they ban something you detest, tomorrow they ban something essential to you.

Anonymous said...

Gardens of Sand, you said:

How utterly presumptious and arrogant for one to think what is unacceptable to them is or should be unacceptable for all. Who are they to decide if folks should see Haifa or not.

they didn't, Islam did.we live in an Islamic country, remember? you know, things about there's only one god. his name's Allah. he had a prophet named Mohammed.. you know the rest of the story, right?

i believe i said something about:
" الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر "
but i guess you didn't read that part!

everything has limits, even freedom. and when it clashes with what Allah said, then it's the Mps' job, no, it's all Muslims' job to respect that and to obey it.

يقول تعالى : { تلك حدود اللّه فلا تعتدوها و من يتعدَّ حدود اللّه فأولئك هم الظالمون }

religion is not a joke. it's not some kind of guidelines you choose to go with when you want and to discard when it's not convenient to you.

Coolred38 said...


I believe your right about not picking and choosing which parts of our religion we follow and which parts are just too inconvenient...but being a hypocrite means you do just that while trying to enfore morality on others...our Court of Jesters...I mean the MP's, are doing just that. They are failing to do thier elected duty by serving the people over real issues that are affecting this country. They are constantly squabbling like children over unimportant issues while financial disaster is going on all around us, the average citizen. In failing to do their elected duty...they are not following their Islamic duty either...which means they have no right to enforce that "Islamic" lifestyle on anyone else.

If they acted like a bunch of intelligent men that thought out their actions before taking them...and who only seemed genuinely concerned with the future of Bahrain and keeping it on a path of progress and good sound moral conduct...then maybe they would have a little more understanding and support from the general public...you think.

Aigre-Doux said...

Anonymous: Bahrain is an "Islamic" country? Since when? It is an Arab country. Arabs are not synonymous with Muslims. They come with many faiths just like other 'ethnicities' do. Do you have even an iota of knowledge of Bahrain's past ? And please, do you forget that Islam is not some homogenous, unambiguous entity? There is a reason that so many different sects, and schools of thought exist. So here, I might ask, do you know anything about Islamic history? Do you realize that religion and governance are not automatically one and the same thing?
Yes, religion is not a joke. Maybe you should tell our lazy, good-for-nothing, illiterate MP's, incapable of inhabiting the positions they occupy, that they have no right to pass their ludicrous thoughts under the banner of Islam every time. It is despicable that religion has become a blanket excuse to gain legitimacy for issues that have nothing to do with it. Unless of course, you approve of using and abusing faith in this manner for political purposes. In that case, you should live somewhere else...across the causeway. And we all know how happy our pious neighbours are.

Gardens of Sand said...

Hi Anonymous: Yes of course I know what Islam says. I also says that in the Quran it says ena la ekrah fil deen. There is no compulsion in religion. Muslims should follow the tenants of Islam because the want to not because they have to. When you start banning things and dictating what people can and can't do, you take over their conscience and in a way they worship the law rather than worship Allah.

Besides, not all Bahrainis are Muslims. Not all Muslims are Muslims. Many are born into it and have no affliation to the faith.

People should be free to use their God-given conscience. Having restrictions and laws banning the mundance is a joke. They want to ban Haifa Wahbi? Why don't they address the real problem in Bahrain: sanctioned prostitution? They want to ban Alcohol, why don't they instead ban underage drinking, apply harsher punishments to alcohol related crimes rather than duping the public and acting holier than thou.

I would never go to a Haifa Wahbi concert nor do I consume alcohol. But that is ME, MY CHOICE and a PERSONAL matter between me and ALLAH. I would never presume to shove my faith down someone else's throat.

These actions only alienate folks further from God, not draw them closer to him.

Salam, GOS

Shale bin Agnon said...

That is an suv, not an armored car. This is an armored car. They look pretty freaky in real life.

A police helicopter buzzes my apartment block every night. We are across the river from gangland.

Shale bin Agnon said...

Ha ha. Complete lawlessness, and they ban a singer. Well, I can actually see the point. If the people want to maintain conservative values, well then they have every right to.

Aigre-Doux said...

Anonymous: You are sheep. I'm sorry you're incapable of thinking for yourself and that you think the "National Charter" was handed down by God. If I were to follow your idiotic logic, so are our self-proclaimed rulers and thus, in a country where half if not more of the entire population believes that the ruling class has no legitimacy, 60-70 percent of Bahrainis are anti-Islamic.

Your incomprehensible point about secularism and Islam having to do with everything, also answers my question about your ignorance of how the state and religion have developed in Islamic history.

I have no problem accepting and listening to different points of view - including those of the religious... but I have no patience for stupidity.

I suggest you work on some puzzles, logic games, brain-teasers etc. It might bring you into the realm of average intelligence. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hii everyone ..
listen if a crowd of crazy people go to the city and start burning in the middle of a street just because a stupid singer is comming , they are over reacting , if you hate her just dont go to the concert =S..
if something like this happens in the streets do you expect the government or the police just to be quiet !! , what about the other citizens ..
you people stop it !!
you know whos wrong , its the people burning , just get over it !!
ans thanks for the police for making the kingdom safe =D!!

tyler99 said...


i just wanted to say that this thread right here has been eye opening to say the least.

i must admit that i previously held a narrow-minded perception about Arab people, i thought almost all were "too" religious. That is why when i went on vacation in Bahrain for christmas in '08 i didn't talk to a lot of people though i wanted to, for fear of saying something offensive.

So this thread allayed my fears and showed me that most hold the same opinions as i do.

now i cant wait to go back to Bahrain in december :D

ammaro said...

haha, tyler, don't worry about offending anyone (Well not too much anyway).. the totally religious people probably wont be the ones you'll encounter anyway!