6 May 2008

It's a very clever concept...

...one that's been used over and over again especially in this region, and it was one that helped build our countries really fast. How does it work?

You start off without much in hand, financially, to build anything. But you have an idea.

You work on the idea; after all, thinking is free. You morph it and shape it into something that will attract people to invest in it. You build up on it, polish up the rough edges and make it look all nice and shiny,

You then sell the idea.

People buy, and you suddenly recieve an over-flow of money, without actually having to give anyone anything. Your idea is expensive to build, however, so you use that money to build it. You spend, growing your idea, and now that it's starting to materialize, other investors see the opportunity you've managed to create. They send more money your way, and so it goes.

You finish your project. You've managed to create something huge from nothing, managed to create a good return for your investors, and you've still ended up with quite a big profit.

It's a very clever concept.


Anonymous said...

I love this concept!

Only thing .... in Bahrain, I will need to "sell" it for free for the first 50 times until I can finally get some exposure.

The next 100 "sells" will be 50-50, where one 50 means "Not Paid yet" and the other 50 means "Paid only 50% of the total".


Zhu said...

Same here -- we sell ideas, ideas get a lot of money, and somehow sometimes someone will have an opposite idea. Which we will finance as well.

Beats me.

N. said...

It is a very clever concept, however dealing with ideas is very delicate. How do you rank copyrighting ideas and innovations in the region? yeah.. not so high. Many people get screwed over this way, and so they stop.

However, I don't think people should just stop there, and should keep innovating and working in this concept.. sure is a wonderful idea.

whatsupbahrain said...

Ideas are great ... groundbreaking ideas are better, unique ideas are even better ... however most people go for the tried and tested ... good luck getting financed, tried it before and it was hell!!

eshda3wa said...

yes it is

KJ said...

The difficulty is in crossing the thin line from it being an idea to actually doing something with it

moon-light7 said...

It's very clever, almost how every huge thing started, but really difficult to find those who are willing to finance or invest in ur ideas. few ppl like to take risks here, unless ur idea is somehow a garanteed success!