20 May 2008

More HDTV than you can handle?

Did anyone recently buy a HD TV? 1080p? Happy with your purchase? Think you have a top of the line TV right now?

Think again; Samsung has just introduced a spankin' new 82" 2160p TV, making your regular HD feel like a crappy black & white TV in comparison. Well, not really, but you get the point;

This big brand new mutha was shown in SID 2008, and offers 3820x2160, which is four times the resolution of current HDTV's; this means you can see every single pore and sweat gland of your favourite actors as you watch the next episode of whatever show you enjoy watching.

I really don't know why anyone would need one of these, but hell, I want one. Although not officially priced yet, estimates put this at a little over a hundred thousand dollars.

My birthday is soon guys; start saving up!

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Anwar said...



LiB Team said...

Ohoooo WTF, just as I was happy that those Samsung fuckers brought small Full HD TVs (32") which matched my current budget to put in my new apartment. They go ahead and talk about superduper HD, then when I will finally be able to get that they will introduce the Ultimate HD then madree sheno HD, I know technology is evolving but wait till I can get it, bragging rights and peer pressure is a budget killer LOL

Anonymous said...

HDTV is NOT ready for this part of the world. If you invest in an HDTV now, or have done recently you will be very disappointed.

We do not have High Definition content in this part of the world. No satellite or terrestrial transmissions are in High Def, which means your actually feeding your brand news HDTV with a standard def signal - something it wasn't designed for - You actually get worse picture quality watching your favorite network (orbit/showtime) on an HDTV than you would a regular SD flat screen TV, this is because the TV has to struggle and upscale the picture from a resolution of 576 to the HDTV's native resolution at 1080.

It's like taking a JPEG picture and zooming in to fill up your entire computer screen. It looks fuzzy, has jagged edges, you can start to see pixilations etc.

Some HDTV sets will handle their 'upscaling' better than others. Most showrooms in Bahrain WILL NOT show you Standard Def images on their displays for this very reason - sad thing is, when you put your TV on.. your most likely going to be watching something an SD satellite transmission.

My two cents.

ammaro said...

anwar; likewise! time to go to the laundry...

LIB; if what you're trying to do is actually keep up with technology, then you're in a bad place. just get whats infront of you right now! otherwise, you're going to need to keep switching TV's every year or so

Anon; we know that! this TV is strictly for XBOX!!!!!!!!!!

KJ said...

Ammaro, even if it is 298037987p, the maximum output now by digital devices is 1080p and that isn't supported by all devices.

Plus, for bandwidth, HD channels never broadcast in 1080p for now. They all do with 720p because it is much cheaper and all HDTVs support the resoltuoin.

The pores you are talking about are made by an upsampler which is pretty expensive.

Three-Legs Alice said...

Holy technology, batman!
I want.
I'm so glad I'm living in England right now - finally something to validate my existence here!
This is probably going to cost more than the actual apartment, but lord it's beautiful.

BuKhalifa said...

EEE wala you can enjoy it if you got A Blu-ray Disk (BD) player for e.g(PS3)or an Xbox 360
Ive manged to watch Casino Royale BD on a samsung HD ready LCD panel and spotted the difference ;)

Shale bin Agnon said...

Okay, only for video games. Actually, for data analysis. We really need to move beyond the whole computer/monitor (or worse, laptop on a docking station) thing.

Anonymous said...

Anon- nice post but reveal yourself. Why the anon-ness?? (you know what I mean).

My two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Anon- nice post but reveal yourself. Why the anon-ness?? (you know what I mean).

My two cents worth.