30 April 2008

Feels like a war zone..

This is getting ridiculous. Tonight is concert night, Haifa Wahbi and Fadel Shaker are to perform on stage. There's been a HUGE opposition to this party, firstly by our SuperIslamic parliament, and secondly by some of our sheep-citizens, who have been influenced to believe that having Haifa in our country is nothing less than the work of the devil himself.

If you don't already know her, Haifa Wahbi is an Arab musician, and a pretty sensual one at that. We had a huge fuss last time Nancy Ajram was about to perform, both by riots in our parliament halls, as well violent demonstrations on the streets by our people.

I'm driving around Adliya right now, close to where the concert is meant to start a few hours from now. The scene is like a war zone, in preparation for any sort of riots or demonstrations; riot police everywhere, ready with their batons and guns in hand. The sound of helicopters flying overhead resonates, as a mysterious smog appears up ahead.. The sky is grey and cloudy, and it feels like something pretty bad is about to go down..

Hope tonight goes by with no major disturbance; i'll post a few photos later on

Well, thank you 'anon' (in the comments), but I think it turns out most of this war-zone stuff is because the ruler of Dubai is here. Blah.

I still think the whole war-zone over Haifa Wahbi would have made a cooler story though.


Anonymous said...

The King and the ruler of dubia is in Manama today for the AGU 25 years celebration. I guess you haven't been following the news lately.

ammaro said...

oh crap... that does make more sense.

i feel really silly now.

Shale bin Agnon said...

You live in the Middle East. Of course it feels like a war zone.

Aigre-Doux said...

"Raunchy Lebanese singer causes controversy in Bahrain" is currently the BBC's most widely read article. Although the reporter's coverage is shallow and exemplary of a perfectly shit job of writing, really, how does one characterize the insanity of the illiterati, nouveau-riche trash that composes our parliament.

Merlin said...

Dear All,

I would like to sing a song to you, its called: Emigration

Emigration, oh Emigration, thank god you exist

When we leave Bahrain we will not resist!

Oh Yeah!!

Ria said...

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7376167.stm - was just reading the article - lol. Oh well, Bahrain's not alone, reminds me of Madonna with her concert for 'Like a Virgin'.

Anonymous said...

damn, i though it was Condoliza Rice passing by or something!

KJ said...

Wow I have heard of many stories of singers causing lots of fuss but this is something else!